How Much is Petrified Wood Worth?

How much is petrified wood worth?

Are you a rock or mineral enthusiast seeking to collect fossilized wood?

Unsurprisingly, the demand for this wood is increasing due to its perceived value and broad applicability, as it’s used for architectural applications, jewelry, interior design, landscaping, etc.

This history is valued based on various factors, which you’ll learn shortly.

Is Petrified Wood Worth Anything?

This cost guide on wooden gems looks at why petrified wood is valued, where to buy this fossilized wood, factors affecting the value of this wood, and natural vs. fake petrified wood.

We’ve also discussed the uses and cost of artistic creations, getting the best deal on petrified wood, types, and petrified wood vs. other semi-precious stones.

Let’s begin.

Why Petrified Wood is Valued

In determining the value of petrified wood, you should understand that this won’t hold much meaning to anyone not knowledgeable about wooden gems.

Niche-collector circles will naturally be interested in such wood and be interested in collecting or selling. In its simplest terms, petrified wood is old wood that has undergone the natural aging process to become fossilized.

The aesthetically pleasing design, mineral content, and geological history make this wood highly desired among collectors.

As a collector, you know why you need such wood and for what purposes you intend to commit it. With that said, let’s proceed to discuss other relevant aspects relating to the worth of petrified wood.

Types of Fossilized Wood

Knowledge of the types of petrified wood will help in your desire to know the worth or how much they go for. Speaking of classes, there are different fossilized woods to choose from.

The most common include blue forest petrified wood chalcedony, opal, jet, silica, Araucaria, calcite, pyrite, jasper, agate, Russian bogwood, etc.

The different petrified wood types may vary by mineral composition, appearance, and coloration. You may find one more appealing than the others based on these features.

The worth of petrified wood is likely to be determined by type. Further research on each will bring up a ton of helpful information.

Where to Buy Petrified Wood

To know the actual worth of petrified wood, you’ll need to know where to buy it. There are places to go when looking for fossilized wood.

Examples include specialized shops that deal almost exclusively in petrified wood. Also, consider exploring major online stores like Amazon and Etsy. There are also online auctions on sites like eBay.

Have you ever considered attending Rockhound community events?

These can be great places to find petrified wood. Of course, you’ll need to inquire about such events and whether such wood is available.

Whichever option works, you can discuss the product’s worth. These are ways to strike great deals with the seller.

What is petrified wood worth? Let’s find out.

Petrified Wood Value

In discussing the worth of petrified wood, readers want a number to work with. While several factors affect the value of this fossilized wood, a ballpark figure is around $.25 to $10 per pound.

How much you pay will depend on the seller, the type, its perceived value, and also your location. In some cases, the amount may be much higher than those stated.

Factors Affecting the Value of Petrified Wood

When shopping for petrified wood, you’ll need to understand the factors affecting its value. Often, these factors play vital roles in determining the amount the seller demands for its exchange.

These factors include coloration, size, flaws, crystallization, the seller’s presentation of the product, and the finished product. This is for persons looking for its finished form, not raw, petrified wood.

There are multiple color variations for petrified wood. This may play a role in determining its value.

With green being the rarest amongst all others, it’s common for such to sell at a higher value than others. This color is obtained when the wood comes in contact with copper during its formation.

Natural Vs. Fake Petrified Wood

If you’ve been in the business of petrified wood for a long time, you would know that there are natural and fake types.

While there aren’t many fakes, it will be vital to know of this to avoid being scammed. This is especially true for persons frequently dealing with such fossilized wood.

So, how do you tell apart the natural from the fake?

Features to focus on include grain pattern, hardness, color, weight, and mineral composition. Also, a hot pin test will reveal whether petrified wood is real or fake.

The natural wood won’t show or leave any mark when the hot needle is pressed against it. However, the opposite happens for faux petrified wood.

Uses of Petrified Wood

What uses can petrified wood be put to? This wood is considered versatile due to its many uses, some of which include ornament, jewelry, and decorative pieces.

Petrified wood can also be used for therapeutic and metaphysical purposes like healing, attracting vibrations from the earth, and regulating bodily circadian rhythm.

We can go on and on in listing the uses of petrified wood. However, it’s believed that anyone looking to know its worth would have a need they want to apply it to.

There are several other uses not mentioned here. These can be further explored to take advantage of its many benefits.

Cost of Artistic Creations

Besides the value of petrified wood, there’s also the artistic creation to consider. The answer on the actual worth of petrified wood depends on the state it’s in.

There’s the raw fossilized wood and those worked on, such as in artistic creations. Petrified wood with artistic creations will be valued more than raw lumber in comparing the two’s worth.

This is especially true when the creative design is intricate.

Getting the Best Deal on Petrified Wood

Having answered the question of the worth of petrified wood, there’s also a need to explore ways of getting the best deal on this fossilized wood.

All buyers would want this, and the solution is simple: discover as many sources as possible and compare the rates. This calls for careful research.

Are there any fossil shows around your city? Strive to attend, as they offer an opportunity to network with sellers and other buyers.

Now that you know how much petrified wood is worth, find a buyer using the above tips. You can also negotiate with the seller to settle on a fair price agreeable to all parties.

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