Tree removal services aren’t usually free.

However, there are rare cases when your palm tree can be removed for free. Hence the topic; free palm tree removal service.

Persons with a limited budget are likely to seek out ways to get this tree removal service for free.

Palm Tree Removal For Free

One of the ways to get free palm tree removal service is by being proactive.

In this sense, you’ll need to take concrete steps to making this possible. A lot of homeowners are clueless about how to proceed with finding free tree removal services. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t know what to do.

Just read on to find out.

Palm trees are removed for several reasons which will be discussed shortly. Whatever your reasons are, there are simple steps to follow in getting free palm removal service.

  • Step 1

Your first action should involve finding out if your palm trees are part of city, state or federal program. There are programs in place that issue a wide range of incentives such as grants for purposes of tree planting.

This is a policy that seeks to beautify and also improve air quality. Palm trees perfectly fit into this description.

You’ll have to begin by making inquiries at your cooperative extension office, a forest service office or the city hall.

These should provide some good leads to begin with.

  • Step 2

Another option available to you involves calling power companies. This is only necessary and possible if your palm tree(s) is close to a power line.

In this case, you won’t have to pay a dime as the power companies take responsibility for getting rid of such trees.

Most power companies have agreements with tree removal services for these kinds of jobs. You only need to inform them to have such trees removed at zero cost to you.

The purpose of removing palm trees close to power lines is mainly for safety.

  • Step 3

If your palm tree isn’t close to a power line, there are still ways you can attract free tree removal services. One of these involves posting ads in public spaces such as bulletin boards, Laundromats and stores among other public areas.

Such ads should offer free wood to any person or group of persons willing to remove your palm tree(s). It’s possible for your offer to generate interest from the right persons.

  • Step 4

In regions where palm trees are found in abundance, they may actually be useful for logging purposes. As such, you might want to consider contacting reputable logging services near you.

For this to be worthwhile there should be a significant number of trees.

Having them come over to remove a few trees won’t be good for business as they’re likely to turn down the offer.

However, such trees are numerous (20 or more), logging companies might consider your offer. You end up paying nothing to have your trees removed.

  • Step 5

Getting the job done yourself is a viable option to consider. Palm tree removal can be done at no monetary expense to you when you go about doing it yourself.

However, you’ll need to have the right tools and be knowledgeable about tree felling.

  • Step 6

Certain palm tree species are sought-after. As such, tree removal services will readily pay you to have them removed.

This is the best deal as you end up earning some extra buck for this service.

  • Step 7

Consider approaching landscapers with this offer. Palm trees are among those used for landscaping purposes. It’s a landscaper’s favorite tree to grow. This is even better when your palm tree variety is considered exotic.

You’re likely get paid for the trees to be removed from your property.

Other Ways To Remove Palm Trees For Free

The options listed so far aren’t the only ones as there are other ways to remove palm trees for free. If you plant them for their fruits, it will be classified under farming. Now, there are several grants given for agricultural purposes.

Under such grants, your trees get removed at zero costs to you.

Some palm trees, especially those along the road belong to the city. If such trees become a problem such as overhanging branches, you can report to appropriate authorities to have those palms either pruned or removed completely.

One option that’s closely related to free palm tree removal involves discounts for seniors. Seniors are often considered by tree removal companies when providing services. As a senior, you stand to get a discount for your palm trees to be removed.

Due to the nature of tree removal, a service cost (no matter how little) still applies. This covers equipment, labor, transport, and insurance among other things.

It’s easier to find cheaper palm tree removal services than free ones. Free services are only provided in special circumstances as those mentioned above.

Why Remove A Palm Tree?

There are several reasons why a homeowner will want their palm tree removed. These include palm tree infections, pest problems, roots get too big, affecting your structure as well as complaints for a neighbor.

  • Palm Tree Infections

Some diseases can spread to your palm trees. These range from Ganoderma butt rot, oil palm wilt, and pestalotiopsis leaf spot among several others. These either distort it’s development or kill it outright.

Here, the best option is to have the tree removed.

  • Pest Problems

A variety of palm tree pests can lead to it being overrun and damaged.

Common pests include cabbage palm caterpillar, fusarium wilt, giant palm borer, palm budworm, and palmetto weevil among others.

  • Roots Get Too Big

The root system of palm trees may get too large and cause significant damage to your structure as well as your plumbing system. The only way to prevent this from happening is by having such trees removed.

  • Affecting Your Structure

Parts of your home include other areas such as the curb.

Now, a palm tree close by can damage your curb. This is unacceptable as it lowers the value of your property especially when you’re planning on selling it in future.

  • Complaints From A Neighbor

Trees may interfere by blocking out natural light among other things. This might affect your neighbor and needs to be fixed by removing them.

Free palm tree removal services are rare but possible. We’ve seen the different ways you can attract or get this service for free. Also, we’ve considered the various reasons for tree removal.