Old Barn Wood: Buy & Sell Reclaimed Wood [Top Buyers]

Several considerations need to be made in buying and selling old barn wood. Of course, you, the seller, will want to get the best bargain possible. The barn salvage companies will also want to get a good deal.

In a nutshell, the transaction needs to be fair to both parties.

Here, we will take you through how to sell your old barn wood.

Reclaimed Wood Buyers

If you plan on demolition your barn for whatever reasons, you might want to salvage some valuable materials, especially the wood. These can be helpful for other construction purposes.

More importantly, barn wood can be sold to buyers who are never in short supply. If this sounds interesting, consider reading through the entire article for details.

To get the best deal possible for your old barn wood, it’s essential to consider certain factors.

These include wood grade, wood volume or quantity, location of old barn wood, type of wood, condition, and wood dimensions—all these count towards making a good sale.

i. Grading in Buying Old Barns for Wood

The wood grade is a crucial factor when looking for a buyer.

Most reclaimed wood buyers will pay close attention to the grade to determine whether it’s worth buying. First off, there are two broad categories; hardwood and softwood.

These are assessed in addition to wood density.

Speaking of wood density, your old barn wood will be examined to determine the ring formation. Close growth rings help identify wood as being of higher quality than those with broader growth rings.

There are actual density ratings used for assessing old barn wood.

Different tree species fall within a density range. For example, beech hardwoods will have a density rating of 32 to 56, while alder and hickory hardwoods have density ratings of 26 to 42 and 37 to 58, respectively.

Softwoods like redwood, cedar, and spruce are rated 28 to 55, 23, and 25 to 44, respectively.

These assessments significantly contribute to how much you can sell old barn wood.

ii. Wood Volume or Quantity

To sell old barn wood, you need to check the volume of wood it will yield as buyers tend to consider this due to logistics or shipping.

For most old barn buyers, the bulk purchase helps reduce shipping and handling costs. With that said, what volume of old barn wood is considered enough?

Most vintage wood buying companies will prefer loads that aren’t less than a truckload. The only exception will be when such barn wood is considered extremely rare.

No wood is considered too much for buyers as long as it’s of good quality.

iii. Location of Old Barn Wood

The location of old barn wood is essential for buyers. It doesn’t matter whether the barn still stands and needs to be brought down or has already been dismantled.

If you’re far removed from the city, vintage wood buyers will get to your location. They always find a way as long as it’s a good deal.

iv. Type of Wood

Not all reclaimed barn wood will be considered desirable. In other words, buyers have wood preferences when shopping for vintage timber.

So, you’ll need to communicate the wood type you have. Some wood types that buyers may reject include reclaimed plywood and glulams.

Others include fence boards, contaminated wood or treated lumber, and pallet woods. These buyers will inform you of their preferences in advance.

You can try other buyers if one buyer isn’t interested.

v. Barn Wood Condition

For old barn wood to be sold, it must be in excellent condition.

When issues like extensive insect damage, lots of metal objects like screws and nails in the wood, and large cracks are identified, it affects the retail value of the wood.

Old barn wood found to have rot problems or waterlogged due to exposure to the elements will have a lower value. The same applies to painted barn woods, as these fetch a lower price.

vi. Wood Dimensions

Wood dimension is another thing that needs to be considered.

How large are your old barn woods? For these, the larger they are, the better. Large timbers can be sawn into smaller sizes for different purposes.

Every buyer will have their preference on dimensions.

Preparations to Sell Old Barn Wood

Before making the call to a reclaimed wood buyer, certain things need to be implemented in readiness for the transaction. The buyer needs every relevant information or detail to make their purchase much more accessible.

Details to be provided by you include the quantity of wood, pictures, and the age & history of the barn.

More details to be provided include wood condition, identification of species, and the dimensions. The reason for this is simple; it saves a lot of time and allows for quicker transaction completion.

i. A Barnwood Buyer Should Know about Wood Quantity

The quantity available is one of the critical details buyers need to purchase old barn wood. With this, the buyer determines if it’s worth the stress.

ii. Have Pictures to Show

Before selling old barn wood, you must take detailed pictures to show potential buyers. This picture should include current storage, close-ups, end-grain photos, and site photographs.

With this, you’re able to gain the buyer’s attraction.

iii. Provide Information on Age & History of Barn

Some buyers may ask for the age of the barn or structure as well as its history. This allows a better assessment of the quality of salvaged wood.

iv. Wood Condition is Important

As discussed earlier, the wood condition is crucial to selling old barn wood. Buyers of old barn wood lookout for defects or pest activity to determine the actual value of the wood.

With this knowledge, you can know how much your wood will exchange.

v. Identify Wood species

Species identification is vital for selling old barn wood.

This might be a bit difficult for some people, but you can easily trace what wood species are used for your barn. Reclaimed wood buyers are always interested in such information and will seek to know what they’re buying.

Who Buys Reclaimed Wood Near Me?

If you need to sell off old barn wood, some popular companies buy them.

Check out LongLeafTimber, VintageTimberWorks, AntiqueBuildingSolutions, PioneerMillWorks, and list your offer on the Barn Pages.

Selling old barn wood involves all the processes mentioned above.

There are lots of buyers who target salvaged wood for other purposes. With the guideline provided here, you should be able to sell yours quickly.

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  1. we have a self sustained roof barn built in the mid 30′ s or early 1940…..it has started to deteriate due weather…it has 7 stalls with a tongue and grove top floor….it’s still standing but the right side is starting to fall in on itself…we are looking for someone who could take advantage of the wood.

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