7 Free Tree Removal Options For Seniors

In this guide, we will be looking at free tree service for seniors.

When it comes to tree removal, getting free services can be quite difficult. This is because the objective is to get something for nothing.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you have something to offer in exchange. In reality, free tree removal, even for seniors, isn’t entirely free.

Free Tree Cutting Services For Seniors

It’s much easier to get free tree removal services for seniors if the trees in question are deemed valuable. Here, removal is rewarded with the use of the same for whatever purpose the tree removal service or specialists deems fit.

Now, not all trees can be removed for free.

  • What Trees Can I Have Removed for Free?

As a senior seeking free tree removal services, the options available to you aren’t much. Apart from a few trees perceived to be valuable, most others will require paying for the process or job.

However, if the tree to be removed is a palm tree or palm, you might have some luck as such could be considered for free removal.

Now, it must be stated that not all palm trees or pine trees will readily be considered for free removal. Note that it’s still a maybe. Plus, certain species will be preferable or viewed as more valuable than others.

One such example is the Ravanela Madagascariences.

It’s a palm tree species considered valuable enough to be sold.

Getting Free Tree Removal For Senior Citizens

While there aren’t many free tree removal opportunities available to seniors, there are still ways to take advantage of the available few.

However, it’s important to mention that such openings aren’t definite but likely. In other words, there’s no certainty that you’d have your trees removed for free even when applying the tips provided here.

Nevertheless, you’re better off exploring the same as they enhance your likelihood of getting considered.

Options include a seniors discount. Landscapers may be interested in collecting your tree species, and having desirable timber could be advantageous to you.

A tree standing on the city’s land but hanging over your property can be removed without paying for the service. Also, a neighbor with a chainsaw and a significant level of logging experience may offer to help.

The barter system might also work under such circumstances. In the case of a fallen tree, an insurance company might pay for its removal.

  • Discount Program for Seniors

Tree logging services have a wide range of competitive pricing structures.

This offers a whole range of options to seniors seeking to have their trees removed. However, such businesses are for-profit. You wouldn’t expect them to offer their services for free.

While this is true, there are certain aspects of their services you may wish to take advantage of. Some companies offer discount programs for seniors.

Here, instead of paying the standard rates as everyone else would, a discount is provided to lower the cost burden of senior clients.

This may not be what you seek, but that’s as far as you can get when paying little to nothing for tree removal.

  • Talking to Landscapers

Do you have any exotic trees that easily fit the needs of landscapers? Such trees might be viewed as a collector’s item. You may end up getting paid for removing the tree.

Although this is possible, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Lots of trees do not fall into this category.

Sometimes, a tree you consider exotic may not be seen as such by lumberjacks or tree removal companies. Your hopes may be dashed upon knowing it isn’t what you think it is.

If you’re considering this option, it’s best to keep your hopes to a minimum, so you aren’t disappointed.

Examples of exotic landscaping trees include Senegal Date Palm, Mexican Blue Fan Palm, Jelly Palm, and Mediterranean Fan Palm. Guadalupe Palm trees are also considered exotic palm species.

  • Having Desirable Timber

Similar to exotic trees, certain trees are valued over others. This is mostly due to the quality of timber they produce.

Such trees include Ashwood, Kingwood, Oak, Western Red Cedar, Black Cherry Wood, Swietenia Mahogany Wood, and Rosewood of the Dalbergia species.

Any of these trees on your property may attract a free removal service. This is because the company may have the same sold to a logging company.

The problem here for seniors is that they lose the chance of earning some extra money for the sale because they offered it for free instead of paying for its removal.

  • Trees Standing on Public Property

There are situations where a tree may be standing on public property but lean over private property. Its removal becomes necessary when it becomes a problem for the property.

This can be removed by the city with no requirement to pay a dime on the part of the private property owners (seniors).

For this to be removed, complaints about the problem must be forwarded to the right authority. You can make necessary inquiries through public officials to know who to approach.

  • Help From an Experienced Neighbor

Help could come from a neighbor having the experience needed.

Such neighbors may also be equipped with the right removal tools. However, there’s no way the information could reach them without communication.

Seniors need to spread the word by making inquiries through friends and close neighbors.

  • Barter System

The barter system will prove handy for a free tree removal job. Here, you’re seeking to have your tree removed while offering something in exchange for money.

A mutual agreement is necessary as both parties must be satisfied with what’s being offered as the equivalent of their service.

Seniors could offer the timber from the wood in exchange for the free service. If this doesn’t work, other service forms could be readily exchanged as long as the other party is satisfied.

  • Insurance Company

If your trees are insured, then a fallen tree can be covered by the insurance company. This is a no-brainer if you have such a plan already.


Many federal governments around the world offer tree removal grants for the elderly. You just need to search online for one in your area.

Companies can also grant free tree removal for seniors, but that will be very rare.

Tree removal companies are in business to make money, but they may also care about carving a good name for themselves in their community.

They may be compelled to give discounts to seniors for tree removal. Others might take the extra step and do it at no cost, especially retired seniors who have been of service to their country or community.

Nonetheless, as I said before, such companies are rare.

On average, it will cost a tree removal service between $600 to $1000 to remove a tree. This money covers labor, gas, insurance, equipment, etc.

With such figures to consider, you have to be a special senior to have the company remove your tree free of charge.

Free tree removal for seniors isn’t always readily available compared to paid removal. However, you’ll have to try different options like those listed above to benefit from such.

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  1. I need a pecan tree cut down and someone to give me a free estimate. I am a senior lady on low income. I have lived here 20+ years and it has not ever given me a sap problem until this year and it is covering my car so bad I can’t drive it. you have to wash it with warm water, cold water will not work. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get.


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