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Rejuvenation Pruning: Why, When And How?

For those who don’t know, rejuvenation pruning simply means cutting off old and overgrown limbs to allow for new replacement growth. Plants that need rejuvenation can either be pruned hard or gradually. Hard pruning requires cutting the shrub off to a height of about 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30.5 cm). In this article, […]

How To Prune Panicle Hydrangeas

In this article, I’ll be teaching you how to prune Panicle Hydrangeas. So keep reading! The flowers on Panicle Hydrangeas have a cone shape, this is different from the ball-shaped mop-heads and flattened lace-caps. When the flowers start blooming, they have a white/cream looking color. As they grow, the color changes to what you can […]

15 Fast Growing Evergreen Shrubs For Shade, Privacy And Screening

In this article, I’ll be recommending 15 fast growing evergreen shrubs for the sake of your privacy, shade, and screening. So, are you fed up with seeing your next-door neighbor taking out the trash, or seeing their dog poop in the yard? There’s a simple solution to this, and that’s evergreen shrubs. Fastest Growing Evergreen […]

Pruning Forsythia: Tools, Techniques and Timing

How do you stop forsythia from spreading? Can you cut it to the ground? Here is all about pruning forsythia; the techniques, products to use and the best time to carry out trimming. Ornaments need as much care as the beauty they bestow. They are elements that are capable of projecting a calm outlook to […]

When To Trim Overgrown Bushes: Is It Time to Prune?

Is it ok to trim bushes in the fall? Here is the best time to prune these plants after they are overgrown. When bushes are mentioned, what comes to mind for many is unwanted. So, why should there be perfect timing to get rid of bushes right? Far from that! Most times, this reasoning changes […]

Here Is the Best Time To Trim Hedges

Is it OK to trim bushes in the summer? Here is the best time to trim hedges. When hedges are trimmed, they add to the aesthetic of your property. These shrubs also serve to keep your property safe. In other words, they are used as fencing. However, to keep them looking appealing, hedges will need […]