Is it OK to trim bushes in the summer? Here is the best time to trim hedges.

When hedges are trimmed, they add to the aesthetic of your property. These shrubs also serve to keep your property safe.

In other words, they are used as fencing. However, to keep them looking appealing, hedges will need to be trimmed. So, does, trimming need to be done at any time? This is the question we seek to answer.

Best Seasons For Hedge Trimming

We’ll be discussing the best time to trim your hedges in addition to the best way to do this. As you read through, you should be able to take care of these shrubs the right way and at the right time.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

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Shrub Type

How is this relevant to the subject matter? Very relevant! Knowing the best time to trim a hedge will depend on the type of shrub you’re dealing with. Many types of shrubs are great for hedges.

These include the Japanese Holly, American Holly, Barberry Bushes, Boxwood Shrubs, and Mountain Laurels. Others include Yew Bushes, Lilacs, Rose of Sharon, Forsythia, Privet Hedges, Azaleas, Arborvitae, and Canadian Hemlocks.

Most hedges include any of these beautiful shrubs and will need to be maintained if their looks are to remain appealing.

We’ll be discussing each of these below;

  • Japanese Holly Hedge

Like most shrub varieties used for hedges, the Japanese Holly requires maintenance.

The best time for trimming this hedge is in its early years. Here, you want to cut out or remove entire branches from the main stems to stimulate new branches at each cutting. This keeps it dense and attractive.

However, while thinning the hedge encourages dense growth, this should stop after the first 2 to three years with normal trimming at the top and sides done to maintain its shape and beauty.

  • American Holly Hedge

Hedges with American Holly shrub plants can be lightly trimmed at any time of year. However, heavy trimming should be avoided in Summer because limited berries may result during Fall or Winter.

  • Barberry Hedge

The best time to trim hedges with barberry bushes is a couple of times a year. This shrub requires minimal care.

Trimming is about the major care provided and should be done during the Fall or Winter after fruiting. This is mostly done to improve its shape. It is also important to remove deadwood in Summer and Winter.

  • Boxwood Hedge

Boxwood shrubs are widely used for hedges. However, these shrubs will need to be maintained by trimming them to the desired size.

In reality, this shrub has fallen out of favor with a lot of property owners. However, there are still lots of people who still use it as a hedge around their property.

Boxwood can be trimmed at any time of year. However, it’s best to trim in late Fall to promote plant health.

  • Mountain Laurels Hedge

The best time for trimming a mountain laurel hedge is immediately after flowering. While trimming may be required during this time, it shouldn’t be done frequently. Trimming is only necessary when eliminating dead and diseased plants.

Also, stray branches may need to be controlled or old and tired plants rejuvenated.

  • Yew Hedge

Yew bushes are great to use for hedges. Also, these plants grow quickly and will need to be trimmed. So, what’s the best time to trim these shrubs? During late Winter or early Spring. This is done before new growth appears. Doing so keeps them in shape, thereby adding to your home’s aesthetics.

  • Lilac Hedge

If your hedge is made up of lilac shrubs, these can be well maintained by knowing the best time for trimming or maintenance. It is best to cut back on these shrubs right after flowering has ceased.

Doing this allows sufficient time for new shoots to develop. This must be done early when flowering ceases as doing it late is likely to kill off developing buds.

  • Rose of Sharon Shrubs

A hedge consisting of shrubs like the Rose of Sharon will need to be trimmed in early spring before buds form or in late winter or fall after the dropping of its leaves. This shrub thrives by flowering on growth from the current year.

Trimming this shrub during this time of year helps maintain its beauty and shape.

  • Forsythia Hedge

Forsythia hedge is yet another shrub widely used for hedge due to its beauty and form. The best time to trim or maintain this shrub is in Spring. That is after blooms fade. Doing otherwise will affect its development by reducing the number of leaves in spring.

  • Privet Hedges

When this shrub is trimmed, it forms a more dense and even edge. However, about the best time to prune it, this should be done at least twice a year. That is, from May to August.

Hard trimming of this privet shrub can be done in April if you wish to reduce the hedge’s size.

  • Azaleas Hedge

Does your hedge include Azaleas shrubs? If it does, you can trim soon after they bloom. That is, in spring or early summer.

However, the most ideal time to get this task done is when spent flowers start to shrivel and discolor. When this is done, the shrub gets the opportunity to bloom, adding to the overall beauty of your hedge.

  • Arborvitae Hedge

Maintaining or trimming arborvitae shrub is necessary to keep it looking appealing while maintaining its health. The best time for getting this done is during the late winter or early spring.

However, since we are talking about using the shrub for a hedge, the right timing for trimming differs. Trimming should be done in late spring or early summer.

  • Canadian Hemlock Hedge

Trimming this shrub species is best done in early spring or late winter. That is before its active growth period kicks in. This helps maintain its look and beauty when it matters.

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The best time to trim hedges has been the focus of our discussion. This has seen us cover some of the most popular shrub varieties. We’ve also seen that the right time for trimming depends on the shrub variety.

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