Stump Grinding – Benefits, Process and Safety

How does stump grinding work? Is it better to grind a tree stump or remove it? Here is all you should know.

When trees are removed, stumps are left behind. Getting rid of these can be quite challenging. However, adopting the right stump removal strategies will save you stress. Stump grinding is one such strategy.

This involves the use of machinery to grind off tree stumps no matter how difficult or hard they are.

All our discussions will focus on stump grinding. You should be able to find the most relevant information to get you started.

Here are the average prices of stump grinding.

Do Stumps Pose A Problem?

While some people are indifferent about removing stumps from their surroundings, others are wary of the problems stumps pose. Stumps do pose problems. The most common of these being the harboring of fungus and mold.

Decaying stumps can also hold water which creates an ideal breeding spot for mosquitoes.

Stumps also serve as an attraction for termites. Termite problems are a serious threat to any property owner. You don’t want to encourage such presence by leaving an exposed dead stump behind. This will serve as food for such pests.

By grinding these away, you’d be removing such risk, thus saving your property from potential damage.

New trees cannot be planted close to a stop as it gets in the way, thus preventing the tree from proper development. When these stumps are grounded, the root systems left behind become dormant or inactive and eventually die off.

Leaving stumps around, especially close to walkways can significantly increase the risks of accidents. People can easily trip over such stumps. By grinding them away, you’re removing such unnecessary obstacles.

Stumps can also be quite unsightly. These can make your surroundings quite disorganized as well.

Benefits Of Stump Grinding

Having identified some of the problems posed by stump presence, it is necessary to also state the benefits derived from getting rid of such stumps.

There are several!

We will be looking at a few of the many benefits derived from stump grinding.

  • Removing Obstacles In Your Lawn

Stumps serve as obstacles, especially in lawns. Apart from being unsightly, it also slows down the mowing process.

This is always the case when you have to go around such a stump to carefully mow lawns. Unwanted plants or weed are likely to also get in the way.

When such stumps are gotten rid of, you won’t have to worry about the obstacles they present as there won’t be any.

However, for this to happen, a thorough job needs to be done. In other words, not every tree service should be contacted for such jobs. You also need to carry out some bit of research on their track record.

There are lots of online reviews about different tree maintenance services. If you can’t find any information or review about a particular company, then their services are probably not worth the try.

Also, companies with high-end grinding equipment should be preferred over those without them.

  • Efficient And Fast

Unlike other types of stump removal or destruction, grinding is notably more efficient and fast. With grinding, you only need to wear off-target stumps using specially built machinery which significantly reduces the time required to get the job done.

When compared with chemical stump removal, for instance, grinding comes out tops. That is because the former (chemical application) takes more time. To apply such chemicals, holes are drilled and the preferred chemical emptied into the holes. This slowly soaks in and weakens the stump.

A grinder gets the job done in little time. With a good grinder, a stump can be grounded within a day or two! That is how fast the job can be done.

  • A New Space To Start A Project

Whether you want to get rid of a stump to start a new project or just need such a space free, stump grinding gives you all of these benefits.

Plus, it doesn’t disrupt the soil condition as much. In the case of stump and root removal, a large section of your yard will have to be dug up to remove them.

Digging up your yard is likely to deface it. With stump grinding, there’s minimal activity.

Stumps are gotten rid of without much removal of soil. You can use the space in no time to start a project. A new tree can be planted in place of the former in addition to flowers or whatever you wish to use the space for.

  • It Creates More Space For Fun

If you have children and pets, having a yard free of stumps becomes a priority. That is because stumps can cause accidents and injuries to kids whenever they run around. There’s something common with kids and pets (especially dogs) and that is; enough energy to expend.

While running around, they can trip over stumps or roots. You must prevent this from happening. Stump grinding removes such risks from your surroundings.

When a good job is done, more space for fun and creativity is made available.

Choose Stump Grinding Over Excavation

When deciding on the best option to get rid of a stump, excavation is likely to be the option considered. While stump excavation will also get the job done, it isn’t as effective as grinding. When making a decision, consider grinding over-excavation as it won’t leave a huge or gaping hole behind.

Stump grinding is also less expensive than excavation. Another advantage of stump grinding is that you can perform the task yourself once you have the machine. Stump grinding machines are hired on an hourly basis. Stump excavation, on the other hand, involves more work in addition to being more complex.

Can A Stump In Tight Spots Be Grounded?

Many times, property owners are faced with a dilemma on how to grind or destroy stumps in tight or small spaces. If you’re faced with a similar problem, you shouldn’t worry. There are stump grinding machines that come in many sizes. These have been made to cater to unique needs.

Such machines are smaller, yet pack enough power to grind off any stump, no matter its size.

Not only can such machines fit in nicely to tight spots, but they are also made to easily navigate narrow slopes, and steps among other difficult terrains.

If you’re looking for these types of stump grinders to hire and can’t find, you might want to seek professional help. Tree removal services have solutions for your type of unique stump problem.

What Happens With Roots After A Stump Is Grounded?

After a tree is removed, the parts or remains of the tree left behind include the stump and roots. These roots are out of sight and below the ground surface. The visible part is the stump. After successfully grinding the stump, the roots slowly die off.

However, this isn’t the case when the stump is left and begins to sprout.

When grounded successfully, you won’t have to worry about what happens with the root system. The root system of a large tree can run several feet from the stump. When there’s no stump to support or supply nutrition to, they eventually become inactive and die off.

How Far Down Can You Grind a Stump?

Experts generally grind up to 5 – 6 inches below ground level. You may request for deeper grinding but understand that this comes with higher pricing.

Common limitations to the depth of stump grinding include the diameter of the grinder blade, the shallowness of the soil, materials, and facilities around the site e.g. swimming pool, buried cables, fencing, nearby trees, irrigation lines, and sprinkler system.

What to Do After Grinding a Stump?

Remove the remaining chips of wood using the services of an arborist and then replace the tree with another one or a shrub. You can also incorporate other plans you made for the stump-less site.

Will Stump Grinding Kill the Roots?

What happens to roots after stump grinding? Stump sprout to produce leaves that would supply nutrients to the tree. Roots die off if the stump is completely ground off. A stump left in the ground has the potential to reshoot.

Tree species that cannot produce root sprouts die off after stump grinding. Roots of such trees die and slowly decompose in the ground. This may take as long as ten years for large species.

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Maple and most fruit trees can resprout from their roots.

Does stump grinding kill roots? Yes. But not for all trees.

Safety During Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves the use of heavy machinery. These grinding machines come with safety instructions that must be followed to prevent injuries from happening.

To prevent accidents, it’s best to carefully read and adhere to all such instructions regarding its use.

You will also want to use safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying wood dust or particles. Not only are small particles likely to enter into unprotected eyes, but all forms of rocks or debris around the stump should also be far removed.

Grinders can propel these to great distances which might end up injuring people or animals close by.

You might also want to consult your local utility companies. Why so? Because there may be installations or utility supplies above or beneath the stump or area you wish to perform the grinding task.

Getting the required information helps you avoid damaging installations or preventing other forms of injury.

Apart from safety goggles, other protective gear you should have on should include steel toe-cap boots, ear protection as well as a hard hat. These should meet set industry standards. In addition to these, try as much as possible to avoid all forms of jewelry plus long hair (it should be held securely and not allowed to hang loosely).

Clothing with loose or thin material should be avoided. These can be blown by the wind and could end up getting entangled in the stump grinding machine. Onlookers should be kept as far away as possible. Keeping enough space between yourself and any onlooker helps avoid cases of accidents.

If someone must stand too close or join you in grinding, they must also wear protective gear or clothing.

Stump grinding is an effective way to take care of tree stumps considered unsightly. This also allows you to use the available or freed space for other forms of development. All the tips provided here help in no small measure in getting rid of tree stumps.

You can begin to enjoy the benefits today by calling for stump grinding or handling the task yourself. Information is the key to success. We are confident that you’ll have greater control over the stump grinding process.

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