How much does it cost to transplant a tree? Here is how to calculate tree moving costs.

Unlike removal, moving a tree or having it transplanted involves an entirely different procedure. It doesn’t matter what type of tree it is.

Here is what it generally costs to plant a tree.

Tree Transplanting Cost

The objective is to remove it from its current location and relocate it to a more agreeable or suitable place. One thing that’s central to such action is the cost involved.

This is where we put our focus on. How much does this project (transplanting a tree) cost? This article looks at different cost-influencing factors to show you what to expect.

By the end, you should be able to figure out what it takes (in terms of cost) to move your tree.

Tree Moving Cost: Multiple Factors Involved

The answer to the cost of moving a tree isn’t a simple A or B answer.

In other words, a whole lot of factors are involved.

Such factors range from the size of the tree, equipment required, accessibility, location, where it will be transplanted, and the time it takes to complete the job.

  • How much does it cost to relocate a tree?

Other costs influence factors such as the contractor hired, emergency relocation, and tree angle to figure out. Let’s discuss each of these points further to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Tree Size

Tree size plays a significant role in determining how much you pay for transplanting. These sizes will be one of the following; small, medium, large, and very large.

Small and Large Tree Transplanting Cost

The more significant the tree, the more moving challenges it poses. Giant trees will require the presence of a large crew to complete the job.

Unlike tree removal, where the tree only needs to be brought down and disposed of.

Additional work is needed to get the tree to its new site, where it will be grown. This procedure isn’t standard for giant trees, which are already more established than other types.

So, the bigger the tree is, the more it costs to move and vice versa. So, what’s the size of your tree? Figuring out where your tree size lies isn’t so tricky. Tree size includes height and trunk.

However, more emphasis is given to size. Small trees are considered as those around 30 ft. high.

These may cost around $300 to $800 to move or relocate. Trees measuring between 30 and 60 ft. in height are considered medium trees. Moving such trees is likely to range from $800 to $3,000.

Large trees mainly consist of those within the 60 to 80 ft range.

Moving these sizes of trees is usually quite expensive and costs around $3,000 to $5,000 or higher.

  • Type of Equipment Required

Tree size and accessibility often play a role in determining what type(s) of equipment to use.

This requires an assessment of the tree’s condition before determining what’s necessary. You should expect a significant cost increase whenever heavy equipment is involved.

Such costs are made available after an estimation of the entire project.

You can hardly figure out how much your procedure will cost. You have to rely on the expertise of trained professionals who will assess your situation before determining how to proceed.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is a significant cost determining when it comes to moving a tree.

Because two central locations are involved (where the tree stands and where you will move it to), an assessment of the ease or difficulty of movement becomes paramount. For accessible access areas, costs shouldn’t be much.

However, areas that present significant access problems can cause an upward spike in transplanting costs.

Again, professionals will have to be called in to assess the situation. Your project estimation is handed to you after a detailed job site assessment.

  • Your Location

Where you live is likely to play a role in determining your tree transplanting costs.

Here, it comes down to the living costs, which vary from city to city or from one location to the next. Certain areas (especially big cities) have higher living costs.

As such, you should expect more costs when moving a tree against the lower prices in smaller towns.

  • Condition of the Location You will move the Tree to

When moving a tree from its present location to another, there needs to be an assessment of the state of the area you will transfer the tree.

When the new destination needs a lot of work to fix, such requirement will quickly add to your total costs.

A tree service will have to charge for its preparatory services to prepare the new destination. So, you’ll need to consider this when calling for tree transplanting.

  • The Time it Takes to Complete the Job.

What time does it take to move a tree?

There’s no definite answer here as the duration could be affected by many factors, including the tree size and the amount of work required to move such a tree.

The longer it takes to complete the job, the higher it’s likely to cost.

Most tree removal contractors charge hourly rates. However, others are likely to charge a flat rate. The cost mainly depends on the pricing structure and time spent on the job.

  • Contractor Hired

Different contractors have their unique pricing structures for moving trees.

This highlights the difference in costs which is noticeable when comparing rates between companies or contractors. You might want to take advantage of this to get the best possible deal on offer.

  • Emergency Relocation

There are times when you will require emergency services.

You could give several reasons for such emergencies. Whatever they are, the goal is to have your trees moved within short notice.

Tree removal services offer such and will charge extra for emergencies.

  • Tree Angle

Tree angle counts during transplanting. An angled tree is likely to pose more challenges compared to upright trees. This is likely to impact the cost of moving the tree.

You’ll have to call the pros to provide you with a quote and also explain to you the different aspects covered.

The cost of moving a tree can be varied, as seen above. We’ve also provided details on the factors affecting the process. Through such, readers can better prepare for the procedure.

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