Trees Native To Minnesota – Common Coniferous and Deciduous Types

Here are the most common tree species in Minnesota, USA. It’s no news that trees are native to specific regions or locations. This remains true even for some species of trees found or planted in certain regions. This article focuses on the state of Minnesota. Like many states, Minnesota has many trees native to the … Read more

How Many Trees Are Cut Down Every Day?

How many trees get cut down a day? In an era where global warming has reached alarming proportions, different ways to curb the rising greenhouse gas emissions are being developed. Apart from renewable energy innovations being researched upon, issues such as deforestation are among front-burner issues being tackled by regional governments. How Many Trees Are … Read more

Tree Inspection Tools – 7 Simple & Advanced Evaluation Devices

Today, I’ll be discussing tree inspection tools. Trees are an important part of nature. They can beautify any landscape and they help us clean our air. However, tree owners need to ensure their trees are in good health and pose no threat to their immediate environments. For this reason, carrying out a tree inspection is important, … Read more

Tree Inspection Process, Checklist, Precautions & DIY

What is tree inspection? Here is a guide on this process, including a task checklist, precautions, and Do-It-Yourself options. Every year, precious trees die of sicknesses; trees fall and destroy properties. At times, trees fall and claim lives. So whenever a tree is perceived disease-ridden, dangerous, etc., experts are brought in to help. Experts are … Read more

How To Build A Treehouse Without A Tree

Looking to construct a treeless treehouse? Here is how to build a treehouse without a tree. Trees offer all sorts of benefits including flood prevention, prevention of soil erosion, drought prevention, boosting soil fertility, and cooling down hot cities among others. Apart from many obvious benefits, trees are also modified for recreational purposes such as … Read more

Compare Spruce, Pine & Fir Trees – Similarities & Differences

Spruce, pine, and fir trees all belong to a class of conifers known as Pinopsida. These are evergreens that can be planted on a property for landscaping purposes. However, being able to differentiate between these three is the starting point. Join us as we compare spruce vs pine, and fir trees. Basis For Comparison: Spruce … Read more