Free Tree Removal In Exchange For Wood

Having your tree removed for free is an offer that is very hard to come by. This is not to say it’s impossible, as there are a few options for free tree removal.

One of such options is tree removal in exchange for wood.

Who will cut down trees for free? This is what I’ll be discussing in this article.

Tree Removal For Free & Wood Exchange

Having your tree removed in exchange for wood is one of the viable tree removal options, although some situations can make this possible.

I will list out some important factors to consider below.

The wood has to have good value: Not all trees are suitable for firewood or furniture. Softwood trees that burn out too quickly won’t attract many lumberjacks.

On the flip side, hardwood trees with slow-burning, sweet-smelling scents are the preferred option.

Lumberjacks will also be interested in wood that doesn’t produce too much harsh smoke when it burns.

If the trees you have in your yard have these qualities, then the lumberjacks may be interested in doing business with you.

Trees that produce good firewood include –

  • Maple tree
  • Oaktree
  • Ash tree
  • Birch tree
  • Most fruit trees

The above-mentioned trees produce very good wood that burns hot for longer periods. Such wood is also ideal for furniture making.

Overall, they are of better furniture and firewood quality and they don’t leave an annoying mess behind after they are burnt.

Lumberjacks can come for trees like these and remove them without collecting a dime from you, then take the wood in return.

Having many trees in your yard or land: Honestly, professional lumberjacks may not be interested in just one tree, even if it has very good wood.

Most will consider that to be a waste of time and not worth the effort of bringing all their tree felling equipment over to your place.

Tree felling is pretty expensive, and the lumberjacks will need resources to cut the trees down. These resources include money to pay workers, equipment, transportation, and insurance.

Why go through all that trouble for just one tree.

On the other hand, if your yard is filled with a good number of trees (I really can’t put a number to it), then it will be worth their time and effort coming to cut them down for wood.

The season: Firewood is not something most people would need in their homes during the blazing hot summer seasons. The demand for firewood during this season would be relatively low, as the weather is already warm.

You will have a better chance of exchanging the tree removal service for firewood during the winter seasons. This period is very cold, and people will be spending more time near their fireplaces at home.

This will be a good time to call on the lumberjacks and strike a deal with them.

They understand the firewood business and they know when it’s in or out of demand.

Trust me, no lumberjack wants to have piles of unsold firewood sitting in their storage houses. They would want to sell it off almost as fast as they bought them.

Having too much unsold firewood means the consumption of too much storage space.

By selling the wood off early, they are sure they are selling the wood in its prime condition, as opposed to selling when the wood may have been accidentally soaked in water during storage or attacked by carpenter ants.

The faster they can sell off the wood the better, and the right season is what will spike demand.

The wood has to be healthy and pest-free: Those who are in the market to buy any product will be looking for those that are in tip-top shape. The same goes for your trees.

If you’ve done a good job of maintaining your trees, then you have a better chance of sealing a tree removal deal with the lumberjacks.

Rotten trees will have no commercial appeal, neither will trees with too many dead, decayed, or infested branches. Trees in this state are of poor quality and won’t attract any good deals.

To remove such a tree, you will be left with no choice but to pay the fellers for their services.

Legal Concerns: Depending on where you live, or where the trees are located, you may have permit requirements to deal with. You may also have to face certain cultural and historic limitations related to having your tree removed from your property.

If the trees you are planning to have removed are protected by certain laws, then forget it, no tree felling service will be able to remove it in exchange for wood. Doing so will be illegal and you will be charged for your actions.

On the other hand, if you are legally free to carry out tree removal from your property, then you would need the services of an attorney.

The attorney will meet with you and a representative of the interested tree felling/wood company and discuss terms. Agreements would be drafted and signed by all concerned parties to make the contract legally binding.

It is best to hire an attorney that has vast experience in land use. He/she will let you know if your plans to remove your tree in exchange for wood are within the confines of the law.

Fraudulent lumberjacks: This might seem like a non-issue when you plan to remove your trees in exchange for wood. However, you have to be careful when dealing with tree felling companies you come across online, especially the ones from untrusted sources.

You’d do yourself a favor by not disclosing the location of your trees until you have had a one-on-one meeting with them at their office and confirmed their authenticity.

Some innocent tree owners have had to go through the unpleasant experience of having their trees felled and sold without even knowing. This happens when your trees are located in an unguarded piece of property or farmland.

Who Can You Call For Tree Removal In Exchange For Wood?

Does anyone remove trees for free? Yes.

Finding someone to remove your trees in exchange for wood could be quite tasking, as the situation has to be right for that to happen. You may not have a clue on who to call on, but you still stand a chance of achieving this.

Who will cut down trees for free?

If you search hard enough, you can find a few tree trimming and felling companies that can do business with you.

You would have to call as many tree felling companies as you can find and explain the situation to them. If your terms are agreeable, then you’re in business.

Another option is to call the wood company directly and see if they would be interested. By doing this, you would be cutting out the middle man (the tree felling service) and if you’re lucky enough, you could even get paid for the wood.

Securing a 2-in-one deal such as that is a dream come true for those who want to have their trees removed for free.

There is a small issue though, you must have what the commercial tree company is looking for.

Most commercial wood companies will show little to no interest if you have to say, 2 trees to offer. As I have mentioned before, they may deem it unworthy of all the stress and logistics involved in tree felling and cutting.

If you’re fortunate enough to find a start-up tree felling service or wood company that wouldn’t mind starting with small amounts of wood, then good for you. Still, your wood has to be in prime condition to make this deal work.

What If I Decide To Sell The Wood Myself?

This is almost the same as exchanging the tree felling service for firewood.

Here’s what I mean –

If you exchange the service for firewood, it means you wouldn’t have to pay for the tree’s removal. The wood company or lumberjacks who want the wood would bear any expenses involved in felling the tree and moving it away.

Whereas if you decide to sell the wood for cash, then you may have to pay a tree removal company to first remove the tree before you find a buyer for the wood.

You may decide to take this approach if you feel you’ll get a better deal selling the wood yourself as opposed to exchanging it for a service, but it’s all relative.

This is the part where you’ll need a pen, paper, and a calculator to write down quotes, estimates, and wood selling prices.

If after your calculations you find that selling the wood for cash after felling the tree yourself would be more profitable, then go for it. But if your estimates show you’ll be running at a loss, then it’s best to find a wood dealer or wood company to remove the tree in exchange for the wood.


Exchanging tree removal services for wood remains a good option for free tree removal.

It may not be easy to find a company interested in such a deal, but if you have good wood-producing trees in the right quantity, then you may have yourself a good deal.

I hope this article on tree removal in exchange for wood has been helpful.

Good luck!

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