Tree Removal Emergency – Reasons And Safety Hazards

When a tree removal emergency arises, it must be treated carefully and by professionals.

There are many reasons why a tree may need to be removed. Some reasons are light, while some are of utmost urgency.

Tree Removal Emergency

If you have a decayed or dead tree in your yard, that would be a big problem for you and anyone else living there. Such a tree needs to be removed, and it should be treated as an emergency, as the tree poses danger to the environment.

Below, I will list common reasons for emergency tree removal.

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The Tree Was Damaged During A Storm

Storms can occur anytime, and they can cause damage to your tree.

It is easy for you to be indoors during a storm and get the much-needed shelter, but the trees have no shelter, and they have to fight off the storm’s force by themselves.

If the tree is weak or old, then a storm can cause it to lean, and this is a dangerous situation. The wind from a storm can also rip off the branches and throw them in directions you and I cannot predict.

After the storm, be advised to call your local tree servicing company to come and take a quick look at the tree and assess the problem before it becomes more complicated than it already is.

If the tree is damaged to a point where it would most likely fall, it must be removed.

The Tree Is A Threat To People And Property

Emergency tree removal is usually a preventive measure to protect lives and property.

If the tree leans over a house or a fence, then it has become a threat to both property and life. Also, hanging branches can break off and fall on a car, even worse, on a person, causing injuries or even death.

A tree in such a situation should be classified as dangerous, and emergency tree removal will be required.

The Tree Is Deceased Or Decayed

A diseased or decayed tree isn’t just a threat to your property. It’s also a threat to the other trees around.

Decayed trees may have holes and are ridden with all sorts of pests that can spread to the healthy trees and into your home, causing all sorts of damage to your property.

Keep in mind that the branches of a decayed tree are weak, and they could also fall over anytime.

This should also be considered an emergency, and you need to call a tree service company to come and address the situation.

The Tree Makes Your Landscape Look Hideous

Ugly looks cannot be considered an emergency in itself, as far as the safety of lives and property are concerned, but as far as the face value of your property is concerned, you can ring the alarms!

Ask those in the real estate business the importance of looks, and they will tell you.

Safety Procedures During an Emergency Tree Removal

During emergency tree removal, several precautions need to be taken.

Remember, the tree itself is already a potential danger, so you wouldn’t want to worsen the situation because of negligence.

So, what must be considered?

Be sure you hire professionals – First and foremost, emergency tree removal isn’t a job that can be done by anyone. It must be handled by professionals with adequate experience in dealing with such situations.

Be sure to hire the very best hands to get the job done. You can go the extra mile and ask them for references, who you can contact to verify their effectiveness.

Also, make sure the people you hire are licensed and that they hold the relevant certificates.

Everyone must leave the area – Everyone besides the tree removal experts should leave all surrounding areas before emergency tree removal occurs.

If the tree is leaning over the house, then the house should be vacated, just in case of an accident and the tree falls on the house.

The areas below the tree should also be cleared.

Protective gear and equipment – For emergency tree removal, all personnel must be fully kitted in protective gear. These include helmets, boots, gloves, and goggles.

Strong ropes will also be needed to guide the fall of the tree and its branches in a safe direction.

Consider the obstacles – If the tree is caught up in a power cable, then you also need to call the relevant authorities so they can cut off the power source before the tree is removed.

These power cables are high voltage, and failure to do this could lead to electrocution.

Also, if the tree is leaning on a fence, then before it is removed, make sure that there is no one standing behind the fence. It would be a disaster if the fence fell on a person.

Safety Hazards During Emergency Tree Removal

As I have mentioned before, emergency tree services need well-trained personnel, and they should also be fully kitted to handle the job.

The ability of emergency tree removal personnel to identify potential safety risks would make all the difference as far as having an accident-free emergency removal is concerned.

Potential safety risks tree removal professionals may encounter include –

  • Falling branches can damage property and cause injuries to persons
  • Good use of cutting tools, as improper use of tools can lead to severe injuries
  • Nearby power cables can put workers or others at risk of electrocution
  • Workers falling off cranes or ladders

Safety reminders for tree care services owners

If you run a tree care service business, then you have to ensure the safety of your workers and your clients.

You must ensure your workers are putting on the right gear for the job and are in a good mental state to carry out their tasks.

Tree care service owners have certain responsibilities, which I will soon point out.

Firstly, they should provide the right PPE for their staff (Personal Protective Equipment). These include protection for the feet, eyes, hands, ears, and head.

It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure all members of the field staff have undergone proper training and can handle each piece of equipment safely.

Employers must ensure that all their tree removal equipment is properly maintained and serviced for optimum performance.

They also have to ensure that a first aid kit is always taken to sites. They also need to ensure fire extinguishers and other emergency medical supplies are available on the job.

Safety reminders for tree care workers

As tree care service owners have certain responsibilities, so do tree care workers, especially since they are the ones who go to the locations and put themselves at risk.

They owe it to themselves to put on the right PPE when working. These include eye, ear, head, feet, and hand protection. They must also use their equipment correctly and shouldn’t treat them as toys.

They also have to guard themselves against accidental falls. They can do this by wearing safety belts or harnesses. This is important if you are working at heights above 3 meters.

Also, do not embark on the task alone. Be sure you have your co-workers with you at all times during the tree removal process. They will make the job easier and can help in case of accidents.

Lastly, when a piece of equipment is not being used, make sure it is turned off and put away.

Things to Consider Before Tree Removal

For those without experience, tree removal may seem like an easy thing to do, but there’s a lot more to it than you think.

It is a dangerous job, and before you pick up your ax and decide to do it yourself, you would like to consider a few things first.

Seek Approval from Council – Before you have your tree removed, you need to find out whether you will first need permission to do so. Contact your local regulatory body to find out. Failure to do this might have you facing a fine for unsanctioned tree removal.

Investigate the tree removal service you are hiring – You want to be sure you are hiring the right people for the job, so why not do a little background check?

Take extra precaution for dead and decayed trees – these need to be attended to urgently, as they can fall anytime.

Consider the property damage – You must ensure all is done to protect your property from damage during tree removal. Strong ropes will be useful to guide the tree and its branches away from your house when they fall.

Know what your insurance covers – Be sure to hire insured arborists.

Also, be sure that the insurance will cover any property damage, as well as injuries to you, other residents of the building, and strangers that may be affected by the tree felling.

Consider the tree disposal – After the tree has been cut, it needs to be removed from your property.

If the tree is rotten, then you can have your arborist handle the disposal. However, if the tree isn’t rotten, you can make the smarter choice and sell the wood to local lumberjacks.


I hope this article has given you adequate information on tree removal emergencies.

Be sure to hire only the best hands for all tree emergencies.

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