Professional Tree Inspection Companies And Service Cost

Who do you call for a diseased tree? Here is how to hire tree inspectors and how much such services charge.

To get the best out of your trees and ensure they are always in prime condition, it is important that you carry out tree inspections at regular intervals or when you suspect something is wrong.

Of course, you are not a certified arborist, so it will be inappropriate for you to carry out the inspections yourself. If you want to be sure of the state of your tree, then you should hire a tree inspection service to come and take a look.

That being said, I’ll be discussing tree inspection services and what they can do for you.

What Does A Tree Inspection Service Do?

A tree inspection service takes a thorough look at your trees, identifies any problems, and records any findings.

To add to that, a tree inspection company can also recommend solutions to whatever problems they may have discovered in your tree.

Why Is A Tree Inspection Service Important?

Just the way visiting your dentist or doctor routinely can help you stay healthy, so does a tree inspection service help the tree remain in good health.

By doing regular tree inspections, you will quickly discover any issues with the tree and have a good chance of saving it.

Specifically, let’s discuss the major reasons why you need a tree inspection service to examine your trees.

  1. They can discover the problems early

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a tree inspection service is that they can discover a wide range of tree ailments during the examination and offer valid treatments before the issues become unsolvable.

A tree inspection expert can quickly identify infestations like fungi, bacteria, or pest insects.

A certified arborist from a tree inspection company does not play a guessing game, as he or she knows exactly what they are looking for. This is why they can identify problems at an early stage, even if they aren’t too obvious.

  1. They Can Identify Structural Damage

A tree inspection expert can point out any damages done to your tree by a heavy storm, careless construction, or bad pruning.

Discovering structural damage on time is important to the long-term health of your tree. In case you didn’t know, structural damage can hinder your tree from taking in enough oxygen and water.

  1. Ensured Safety

When a tree inspection service identifies the dangers of a leaning tree, they aren’t just on the path to saving the tree from falling, they are also potentially saving your property from damage and human life.

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Hazardous trees can fall and destroy the roof of your home and its windows. It can also fall and land on your car, and it would be tragic if your friends or family are around when this happens.

Early inspection will trigger a quick solution and save your property from damage.

  1. They can help you plan a water routine

If you just planted a new tree, then it’ll be wise to hire a tree inspection service to come and take a look at it.

Why? Because they can help you develop a watering schedule for your new tree, based on the specific tree species, its age, seasons, and the type of soil it is planted in.

With a well-planned water routine, your tree will have a better chance at thriving and producing (if it’s a fruit-bearing tree).

A professional recommendation regarding watering your trees would involve adding more or less water (depending on your previous watering habits).

  1. They can help you figure out the best soil for your trees

Another advantage of hiring a tree inspection service is that they can advise you on which particular soil type is best for your specific tree. To add to that, they can also recommend the best type of fertilizer for your soil and plant.

As you already know, a tree cannot thrive if it doesn’t have good soil around it. And to improve its chances of blossoming into a mature tree, good fertilizer is also needed.

How Much Do Tree Inspections Cost?

Regular inspection is the key to discovering any ailments and problems a tree may have before it becomes worse.

Thankfully, a tree shows early signs of a problem, but some of these signs can only be identified by a trained professional.

With all the experience a professional arborist has, it is expected that they charge a fee for their work.

Tree inspectors usually charge per hour, but the prices will vary by inspectors.

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You can expect to pay between $50 to $500 for tree inspection. And this of course depends on the level of the inspection being carried out and the quality of tools the arborist will use for inspection.

If you need the inspectors to determine whether the tree should be trimmed, cut down, as well as obtain a removal permit, then you will have to pay between $400 and $500.

That being said, below are some of the basic costs that come with tree inspection.

  1. Visual/verbal inspection ($0 – $100)

Some tree servicing companies offer a free inspection with their quotes for trimming and felling. This free inspection doesn’t entail more than a 5-minute examination of the tree’s physical appearance.

At the end of the free inspection, the arborist will brief you of their findings and recommend the next approach.

  1. 1-page checklist and recommendations ($100 – $250)

This type of inspection is more formal than a simple visual inspection, as it involves a risk assessment of a tree and how much it could affect the lives and property around it.

At the end of the assessment, the arborist will also recommend the steps needed to be taken to solve whatever issued the tree is having.

Here, a form containing a 2 or 3-line recommendation will be filled out.

  1. Full tree inspection report and risk assessment ($350 – $450)

A full tree inspection report and risk assessment service will consume a lot of time and will attract a higher bill.

Once the tree has been inspected, the arborist will return to their office and prepare a detailed 10 to 20-page report, which will contain their findings, as well as recommended treatments.

The inspection report serves as an official document that can be presented to local authorities when a tree removal permit is being sought.

How To Find The Right Tree Inspection Service

Finding the right tree inspection service shouldn’t be too hard, you just need to know where and how to look.

Keep in mind that many quacks pose as legitimate and experienced tree inspection experts, whereas they are just in it for quick money.

To avoid being duped by fakers, follow these tips when you need a tree inspection service.

  1. Ask friends and family

If you have friends or family members who have had dealings with a tree inspection service before, then they could recommend the service to you.

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This is one of the best ways to be sure you are working with a reputable firm, because if they did a bad job for your loved ones, then they will not be recommended.

  1. Use the internet

There are probably more tree inspection services in your area than you thought, and you can find these services on the internet. A simple Google search is all you need.

You should go through more than one company to see how their services are fair against each other.

  1. See if they are certified

Another step you need to take when choosing a professional arborist is to see if they are certified.

Their staff should have certifications in either forestry or horticulture, as well as licenses from one or more relevant bodies.

  1. Read reviews

As I have mentioned before, many inexperienced quacks are posing as legitimate arborists, and they are present online. This is why you should check to see what people are saying about them before you decide to do business with them.

As you can imagine, an unsatisfied customer will leave a bad review. And while some customers can be difficult, too many bad reviews are a clear sign that a particular tree inspection service is not good enough.

  1. Choose according to your budget

Last but not least, be sure to compare the prices of at least 4 tree servicing companies before you make your final choice. These services charge differently, according to their level of expertise, reputation, and the kind of tree inspection tools they use.

Whichever you choose has to be able to do a good job, and their charges must fit into your budget.

Final Words

Tree inspection services are great because they can help you spot the failings of your tree on time and advice you on what can be done to remedy the situation.

Attempting to inspect your tree yourself may be a good idea in minor cases, but the experts have the eyes to spot more serious ailments, even before they become obvious.

I trust this article has been helpful.

Good luck!

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