Best Arborist Climbing Helmets for Tree-Cutting Projects

We’ll be looking at the pros and cons of each arborist helmet type, among other things. Arborists handle tree-related tasks ranging from pruning, checking for diseases, planting trees, and all sorts of tree-related care. Arborist Climbing Helmets Essential to these actions are the tools and equipment needed to enhance efficiency and safety. These essential tools … Read more

Tree Blights – Symptoms, Disease Groups & Control

In this article, we’ll be discussing tree blights and what to do after discovering these symptoms. Trees can be plagued with many diseases resulting in varying conditions ranging from mild to severe damage. Tree blights are diseases caused by bacteria or fungal infections. Common symptoms include spotting, severe leaf yellowing, browning, and dying of leaves. … Read more

Norway Pine Trees – Identification, Varieties, Zones & Uses

In this article, you’ll learn about the Norway pine with details such as uses, varieties, common diseases & pests, and the hardiness zones provided. Also called the Red Pine, we’ll be looking at most ideal soil type to grow this tree, its essential features, and several others. Norway Pine Trees Contrary to what you may … Read more

What Causes Crown Shyness? – Canopy Disengagement

Also called canopy disengagement, canopy shyness, and intercrown spacing, crown shyness is mainly observed in areas with clustered trees. You’re likely reading this because you’ve recently observed or encountered such formations. This article provides all the answers you seek regarding canopy disengagement. Tree Crown Shyness Certain observable natural phenomena can be fascinating for observers, with … Read more

Tree Scaling – Types, Symptoms & Treatment Options

Here, we’re focusing on tree scaling. This condition is caused by sap-sucking insects that can weaken the host tree. Sometimes, this pest action could even lead to the tree’s death. In this article, our discussion will include tree scaling symptoms, treatment, and signs, Scales on Trees As trees grow, they’re exposed to several conditions or … Read more

Anti-Desiccant Spray for Plants

This article will discuss anti-desiccant sprays and their importance to plants. Also, we’ll consider the application procedures, the duration it lasts until another application is needed, and plant suitability for such treatment. So, is this product for you? You’ll need to read on for such details. Anti Transpirant Spray for Plants Also called anti-transpirants, anti-desiccant … Read more

12 Trees with Non-Invasive Small Root Systems

In other words, we’re looking at small trees focusing on those with non-invasive roots. If you wish to grow some trees around your yard, you’ll be interested in this information as these are more suitable around residential areas. All you have to do is review the list below for more details. Small Trees With Non-Invasive … Read more

Dutch Elm Disease Treatment | Who to Call & Best Control Options

Dutch Elm disease is a terrible disease condition that affects trees. This is mainly caused or spread by the elm bark beetle, which carries and spreads an invasive fungal pathogen, the Ophiostoma Novo-ulmi. The Dutch elm fungus spreads to the tree as the bark beetle feeds. As a tree gets infected, a gradual but steady … Read more

Chainsaw Protective Pants | Classes, Best Types & Buying Guide

Here, our focus is on chainsaw protective pants. Protective gears are crucial when using specific machinery like chainsaws. Standard protective equipment used by arborists includes ear plugs or earmuffs, face shields or safety glasses, climbing gloves, high-impact gloves, climbing helmets, cap-style safety helmets, and chainsaw chaps. Others include chainsaw pants, climbing pants, chainsaw safety boots, … Read more