Top 10 Largest Trees In The World [Biggest Species & Location]

If you’ve heard or read conflicting accounts of the largest tree in the world, this article will give you a more reliable answer backed by available proof.

Such proof is found with the National Park Service.

Not only will we be discussing or naming the world’s largest tree, but we’ll also be including information on 9 other large trees in the world.

Biggest Trees In The World: Ranking

Measuring a tree can be a complex process. While this is true, some conventions have been developed and used to attain a standard measurement.

The topic under discussion is the largest tree in the world. The parameters of measurement used to arrive at such a conclusion (the largest tree in the world) have been pretty much standardized.

Does Tree Size Equate to its Age?

One common misconception a lot of people have is equating a tree’s age to its size.

For instance, many readers might assume the tallest tree in the world is also the oldest but that’s far from the truth. The world’s tallest tree is not the oldest as you’ll soon find out.

We thought it necessary to counter such misconceptions to allow for a greater understanding of trees and the highest they’ve grown.

Since we’ve started a discussion about tree age, it will be necessary to state the oldest known tree in the world. Here, the prize goes to the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine at age 5,066.

Back to the world’s largest tree, it’s important to consider what parameters are used in determining its size. There are three; namely its height, ground circumference, as well as its trunk volume.

Trunk volume is measured in cubic feet.

The World’s Largest Tree

Where is the biggest tree in the world?

You might have heard or stumbled across the name General Sherman. If you haven’t, this name represents the largest tree in the world.

  • What is the Biggest Tree In The World?

So, why was it named General Sherman? The tree was named after the American Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman by a lieutenant James Wolverton who served under Sherman.

This tree is located at the Sequoia National Park in California which is home to 5 of the world’s top 10 trees.

Measuring a staggering 52,508 cubic ft, you’ll have to visit the Sequoia National Part to appreciate its massive size. Other aspects of its size make it even more obvious.

Other Size Details of the General Sherman Tree

To give you an idea of what this tree measures, let’s take a brief look at some measurement details such as its diameter above the base, average crown spread, and the likes.

Its height above base measures around 274.9 ft which translates to 83.8. Circumference at the ground is about 102.6 ft, while its maximum diameter at the base is 36.5 feet.

Other aspects of its size include a diameter 60’ above the base is around 17.5 ft. The diameter of the General Sherman tree at 180’ above the base is 14.0 while the diameter of the largest branch is 6.8.

The height of the first large branch above its base measures about 130.0 ft while the average crown spread is around 106.5.

Other Largest Trees On Earth

Having provided information on the largest tree in the world, it’s only fair that we also mention other largest tree species in this category. For better comprehension, we’ll be focusing on the top 10.

At number 2 is the general grant tree found at the King’s Canyon National Park. It measures 268.1 feet in height, and 107.5 feet in ground circumference.

President tree comes third, and like the world’s largest tree, it’s also located at the Sequoia National Park. The President Tree measures 240.9 feet in height and 93 feet in ground circumference.

At 4th position is the Lincoln tree which is also found at the Sequoia National Park.

This tree measures 255.8 in height, and 98.3 in-ground circumferences. Following closely is the Stagg Tree at 5th place with a height of 243 and a ground circumference of 109.

Boole is the world’s 6th largest tree and is found at Giant Sequoia National Monument. It has a height of 268.8 with a ground circumference of 113.

Genesis is another record-breaking tree that comes at 7th position. It’s found at the Mountain Home State Forest and measures about 253 with a ground circumference of 85.3.

Franklin is the 8th largest tree in the world and is also found at Sequoia National Park. It measures 223.8.

King Arthur is at 9th position with a height of 270.3 and ground circumference of 104.2. It’s also located at the Sequoia National Park. Also found in this park is the Monroe tree which is the world’s 10 largest tree.

It measures 247.8 with a ground circumference of 91.3.

Visiting the General Sherman Tree

Each year, the Sequoia national park receives a lot of visitors and tourists who come to have a feel of the giant trees for themselves.

Connecting the different locations are paved trails as well as fences that help protect the sometimes exposed roots of the giant trees. This provision helps with the preservation of the national treasures.

Park shuttles are available to convey sightseers to the different areas of interest. The physically challenged can also make use of these shuttles as they have provisions for wheelchair users.

This accessibility extends to the different paths leading to the trees.

A Rundown of the World’s Largest Trees from 11th to 30th

Having mentioned the largest trees in the world from number 1 to 10, it’s only fair to give a rundown of the others from 11 to 30 in that order.

These include Robert Lee, Unnamed, Adams, Ishi Giant, Column, Summit Road, Euclid, Washington, Pershing, Diamond, Adams, Roosevelt/False Heart, and Nelder.

Other names include AD, Heart, Grizzly Giant, Chief Sequoyah, Methuselah, Great Goshawk, and Hamilton.

Although these are the known largest trees in the world, new information may emerge in the future that could show much larger trees.

Until then, these are the undisputed heavyweights with the General Sherman tree leading the pack.

You might want to include visiting the Sequoia National Park in your bucket list to have a feel of things yourself. The good part is you don’t only get to see the largest tree, but also other trees among the top 10 largest in the world.

Now you know which tree is the world’s largest.

However, because continuous discovery is being made each day, it won’t be surprising to find larger trees than those mentioned above shortly.

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