How To Burn A Tree Stump Out

If you decide to remove stumps completely then keep reading, as I will be providing information on how to burn a tree stump and roots. After cutting your tree down, you’ll be left with a less-than-attractive stump in your yard. There are different ways to get rid of the stump, including stump grinding, and burning. … Read more

6 Stump Removal Techniques and Considerations

How do you remove a tree stump? This guide exposes the various techniques that experts employ, as well as After successfully removing a tree from its location, one thing remains; the stump. This can become a problem for many as it can either begin to sprout or take up valuable space for other things. While … Read more

How To Hollow Out A Tree Stump

How do you hollow out a stump? Here is a practical guide on this process. Hollows are otherwise known as tree holes, which is a semi-enclosed cavity that is naturally formed or artificially formed on the tree branch or tree trunk. You notice this occurs mainly in old trees, irrespective of the species of tree, … Read more