Chainsaw Protective Pants | Classes, Best Types & Buying Guide

Here, our focus is on chainsaw protective pants. Protective gears are crucial when using specific machinery like chainsaws. Standard protective equipment used by arborists includes ear plugs or earmuffs, face shields or safety glasses, climbing gloves, high-impact gloves, climbing helmets, cap-style safety helmets, and chainsaw chaps. Others include chainsaw pants, climbing pants, chainsaw safety boots, … Read more

10+ Signs Of Tree Hazards & Safety Guidelines

Despite all the benefits derived from trees, they’re also known to present hazards. Tree hazards are an important focus in this article and targeted at persons faced with difficult tree situations. With the information made available, you should be able to find solutions and safety guidelines. Tree Dangers How does one tell if a tree … Read more

How to Deal With Trees in Snow

When snowstorms occur, they usually leave significant damage to trees in their wake. This is mainly due to the extra weight exerted by snow on trees. While some trees might better manage the weight, others aren’t as strong. As a result, some limbs may give way under the weight. Now dealing with snow damage on … Read more

9 Deadliest Tree Cutting Accidents [And Preventive Tips]

Tree cutting is a risky process that can present lots of dangers. This is especially true for non-professionals or novices. There are lots of stories of such accidents with fatal endings. Safety is a primary instinct that no one can overlook. To avoid fatal tree-cutting accidents, you’ll need to abide by basic safety guidelines. As … Read more