Sugar Maple Trees for Sale – Buying Guide & Average Cost

This article is written to provide readers with facts about sugar maples for sale. Such include the cost of sugar maple trees, where to buy from, and several other buying tips.

Any buyer should be interested in knowing more about what they want to purchase to avoid mistakes.

Sugar Maples for Sale

The sugar maple tree is well known for its brilliant fall colors ranging from red to yellow and orange. Its dense crown is a great shade and mainly has an oval shape.

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Buyers interested in adding the sugar maple tree to their surroundings will need all the helpful tips on how to go about sourcing for such.

About 10-Foot Sugar Maple Tree Sale

Maple sugar is sourced from sugar maple trees. Acer saccharum is the scientific name of sugar maple.

This oval-shaped tree reaches heights of between 60 and 75 ft. at maturity and a spread of around 40 to 50 ft. Sugar maple trees do well in well-drained soil conditions.

They grow in acidic and alkaline soils and are mostly drought-resistant tree species. Apart from the syrup extracted from the tree, sugar maple trees are valued for their hardwood, as such are timber trees.

What more?

The aesthetic appeal of this tree variety makes them desirable.

Things you need to Know before Buying a Sugar Maple Tree

Before buying a sugar maple tree, you should find specific details that include the space that the tree will take up, the most excellent hardiness or growth zones for sugar maples, and the cost details. What more?

Buyers need to know where to buy or shop from.

Without these critical details, you will likely make mistakes or patronize unreliable nurseries. Let’s briefly look at each of the points mentioned for more information on what they’re about.

  • Space Required for Growing Sugar Maple Trees

Before making a purchase, you’ll have to determine if your yard has adequate space for growing sugar maple trees.

This is especially true for persons having limited space problems. For sugar maple trees to thrive, they will need ample space. You’ll need to avoid all forms of overcrowding or obstructions.

Before growing this tree, it’s crucial to consider its spread at full maturity.

With average heights and spread (diameter) of about 75 ft. and 50 ft, respectively, adequate provisions need to be made for this tree. If you have a lawn around the area, such may be affected by the shade provided by this tree.

If your space requirements aren’t enough, you might as well avoid buying the sugar maple tree. However, if your surroundings or yard meet all the space requirements, you can place an order for this tree.

Another thing to look out for is sunlight exposure. Sugar maple trees do well in areas with full or partial sunlight. At least 4 hours of daylight is necessary.

If your yard hardly gets adequate sunlight provision or is constantly covered by shade, then some form of modification might be necessary.

  • Does my Location Support Sugar Maple Trees?

To ensure your sugar maple tree grows well, you’ll need to determine the hardiness zone of your location and determine whether sugar maple trees will do well.

This tree is known to grow exceptionally well in cold regions, significantly when you’re growing it for its sugar syrup.

Sugar maple trees will generally do well in growing zones 3 through 8. Here, the colder the region, the better it gets in terms of sugar production.

If you’re only interested in buying this tree for its aesthetic appeal, hardiness zones 7 to 8 should easily support its growth.

Is your location covered or included in any of these zones? If it is, then you have no worries, as you can proceed to place an order for your sugar maple trees.

Cost of Sugar Maple Trees

To buy a sugar maple tree, you’ll need to find out details about its cost.

A little research online about the cost of this tree species will reveal varying figures. You’ll need to know the reasons for such variations. On average, the cost of sugar maple trees is around $75.

Cost depends on tree size, quantity needed, where you buy from, and location.

Regarding tree size, you’ll need to know that sugar maple trees are available in different sizes in nurseries. The larger the tree, the more costly it gets.

First off, you’ll need to know what sizes are available. Nurseries offer a wide range of shipping heights. Sugar maple trees measuring 3 to 4 ft. go for around $18, while those between 4 and 5 ft. sell for $22.

Larger sugar maple tree sizes, such as 5 to 6 ft., go for around $34.

In terms of the quantity needed, significant discounts may be applicable. Such discounts only apply to bulk purchases. You may attract higher values when buying large sugar maple trees.

The opposite applies to fewer numbers.

Where do you wish to buy your sugar maple trees from? Costs can vary significantly from one nursery to the next. Based on this knowledge, you can visit multiple nurseries to find out about their prices.

This enables you to choose the best possible deal.

Where to Buy Sugar Maple Trees

Like most tree varieties, you can buy sugar maple trees from garden centers or nurseries.

You may visit an online nursery or go for a local one for your sugar maple trees. The only difference between the two (online and local nurseries) is the shipment costs.

When shopping online, some nurseries charge or ship. In some cases, shipments may be free. You’ll have to clarify what’s obtainable by making necessary inquiries.

Such information is readily available online as you visit the seller’s store. As stated earlier, you’ll need to make your findings by reading customer reviews.

Buying sugar maple trees involves all of the processes discussed above. It would be best if you had as much guidance on proceeding with a purchase to get the expected outcomes.

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