How can you get a tree stump to rot faster? Not to worry, in this article, I’ll be giving you tips on how to rot a tree stump quickly.

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Common Tree Stump Rot Methods

You have a beautiful garden, filled with lovely plants and a lush green carpet of grass, but wait, there’s an annoying tree stump sticking out of your yard.

You have a barbeque party coming soon and you’d like to get rid of the stump as fast as you can.

Why You Should Rot Your Tree Stump

There are a few good reasons you should rot your tree stump. I will list them out below.

It is a viable option – There are many ways to get rid of your tree stump. These include grinding, yanking it off, burning, and of course rotting.

Grinding and pulling it off will require the use of heavy machinery and manpower. You will have to pay for all this and it doesn’t come cheap. Rotting on the other hand will cost you far less money than the other two options.

As for burning, well that would cost you less too, but it will also produce flames, which may irritate you and your neighbors. Also, you have to be in line with your state’s burning regulations before you can light up your tree stump.

Rotting it will spare you the inconvenience and danger that comes with burning.

It’s a great option for tree stump removal.

It is safe – Rotting a tree stump exempts the use of powerful machines like grinders, which may be dangerous to those who have little or no experience using them.

As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t require burning, so you will have no flames to worry about.

It requires minimum physical effort

Rotting a tree stump is something you can do all by yourself, you wouldn’t need to hire extra manpower for the task. Also, you would be spared of carrying heavy machinery like grinders and pulleys to and fro.

How Do You Rot A Tree Stump Fast?

If you were to skip using a grinder, one of the fastest ways to remove a tree stump is by rotting it using chemicals.

These chemicals will hasten the stump’s natural decay process, dissolving the stump’s roots and fibers in the shortest possible time.

The steps I will list out below will show you how to rot a tree stump fast.

Here’s what to do –

  • Wait For The Dry Days To Come

If you want your tree stump to rot fast, then you will have to start on a dry day, and you will need other dry days for the process to be completed.

For this reason, you must first check your area’s weather forecast to be sure you will have enough dry days to achieve your goal.

You need dry days because the stump needs moisture to remain alive, and it will get less of it on dry days. If the stump cannot find enough water, guess what it’ll do? It will begin soaking up the chemicals, which will make it rot faster.

  • Cut The Stump Its Lowest Possible Height

You would want to cut off as much of the stump as possible before you add the chemicals.

You can use a chainsaw for this.

By leveling the stump to its lowest height, you will speed up the rotting process. This is because the less wood the chemical has to work on, the faster it would work.

Remember, chainsaws are very sharp, and they can cut very deep. So put on some protective gear before you begin cutting. These include gloves (for a better grip and to guard against blisters), and goggles (to protect your eyes from flying sawdust).

  • Drill Some Holes

After you’ve trimmed the tree stump to its lowest possible height, you can proceed to drill some holes at the top.

Drill as many as space will permit you, as your mission is to rot the tree stump fast. Keep in mind that the more holes you drill, the more chemical you can add, hence, the faster the stump will rot.

The holes should be around 12mm deep.

  • Apply The Chemicals

After the holes have been drilled, you can begin adding the chemicals into each of the holes.

The chemicals you use should be powerful, and they should be able to break down wood fast (I will recommend some powerful chemicals later in this article).

Different states have varying laws regarding the type of chemicals you can use. Nonetheless, you are left with many options.

You would want a nitrogen-rich chemical fertilizer, as it can give you quick results.

Other options include charcoal, cow manure, and Epsom salt.

Epsom salt similarly dissolves properties as nitrogen, although it is a more organic material.

Make sure you fill up each hole to the very top for best results and drill more holes if need be.

  • Soak The Ground

The next step would be to moisten the ground surrounding the stump. Also wet the top, as well as the sides of the stump. The reason for doing this is simple – Moisture helps the chemical compound work faster, so you’ll need the right amount of it.

When the stump is soaked, cover it with a plastic tarp, just so the chemical is not washed away by rain. Covering it also helps hold the chemicals in, so they can break down the wood without interruption.

  • Apply Some Mulch

Get some mulch and apply on top of the plastic tarp. The mulch has the much-needed moisture, which will further aid in the quick decompression of the wood.

I recommend using tree bark or hay for mulch, as they contain adequate moisture for the decomposition process.

An extra tip is to use something heavy, like rocks, to hold down the tarp. This will keep it from being blown away by the wind. You could also use a rope to bind the tarp against the tree stump. Whichever one you choose will be effective.

Once you have done all this, then your tree stump has begun the journey to becoming rotten.

Doing this will hasten up the natural process, and that annoying stump of yours will be gone faster.

If you want the rot to be sped up even further, you can repeat the steps regularly until the stump is fully rotten.

If you notice that the mulch you added has started drying up, it means it has lost its moisture. You can take the old mulch off the top and replace it with some fresh, juicy mulch.

How Long Will It Take For The Chemicals To Rot The Tree Stump?

After you’ve taken all the above-listed steps, you need to exercise a little bit of patience. It takes between 4 to 6 weeks for the stump to be fully rotted.

Not to worry, that time will come and go in a flash!

In the meantime, you can prepare planning for that backyard barbeque party you had in mind!

Can I Plant On The Same Spot Where The Stump Was Rotted?

So, your old stump is out and you’ve created some extra space in your yard. The question now is – can you plant a new tree on the spot where the old stump was?

The truth is, it isn’t advisable to plant a new tree on the same spot the old stump was. This is because young trees need all the essential vitamins and nutrients to grow, and the old ground may have lost it, thanks to all the chemicals used in removing the old stump.

This is not to say that all is lost, as you can still plant your new tree close to the old site.

You can plant about 7 feet away from the old site and your new tree will do just fine.

Factors To Consider Before Planting Around The Same Spot Where Old Stump Was Rotted

Planting a new tree in a new spot is always the right way to go. I believe that new trees should start on fresh soil that hasn’t been tampered with. However, the spot where the old stump was removed may be so well positioned, that there couldn’t be a better place for your new tree.

If you honestly feel this way, then you need to put in some extra work to make the old spot perfect for the new plant.

Consider these factors –

The former tree’s health – If you cut down the old tree because it was infected, then find out what the exact cause of infection was. When you are sure of what it was, you can plant the new tree and guard it against such infections.

Time – The stump may be gone on the surface, but roots may still be decomposing. Wait for about 9 months to a year before you plant on the same spot. By that time the soil must have recovered.

Site preparation – Make sure the debris from the old tree stump has been cleared off the site before planting another one.

Best Chemicals For Rotting Tree Stump

Are you looking for what to use to make a stump rot? You can try the following chemical stump removal products

  • Bromide Stump-Out
  • Spectracide
  • Tordon RTU


There you have it, how to rot a tree stump quickly. I trust this piece was informative.

Good luck!

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