How much does a short or tall pine tree removal cost? Here are some estimates for small and large species.

Trees are important plants that provide shed, fruits, and serve as windbreakers among many benefits. However, there are times when removing some trees becomes the only logical thing to do.

Such may be due to diseases, risks caused by precariously hanging trees, and more.

Our goal here is not to focus on the merits or demerits of removing trees. Rather, we’re more interested in the removal cost for a particular type of tree; the pine tree.

Pine tree removal cost is where our focus will be. If you have some pine tree species on your property you want to have removed, you should find this interesting.

Standard Pine Removal Prices Aren’t Static

To have your pine tree removed, you should know that cost isn’t static but affect by many factors.

These range from safety concerns, wood disposal after removal, the risk to private and public property, pine tree size & location as well as additional services.

Let’s expand on each of these points.

  • Safety Concerns

The safety concern is a key factor that applies to all tree removal jobs. Most times, risks posed by its removal are only discovered after an assessment of the tree is done. In other words, there may be added safety challenges attached to the removal of a pine tree.

These risks may be in the form of safety or health risks. Examples include almost impossible locations where a pine tree stands in the middle of two structures. There’s also the possibility of dealing with a dead pine tree or such tree may be too close to utility lines.

Whatever the safety challenges are, There’s always a way to go around it. A tree removal service will charge more for difficult challenges presented.

  • Wood Disposal After Removal

After a pine tree has been removed successfully, there’s another factor to consider; the relocation of such wood. You won’t need to pay extra if you have plans on using it. However, in the event of its relocation, tree removal services will charge extra.

  • Risks to Private and Public Property

Some pine tree removal jobs might require extra care not to damage nearby infrastructures. Such infrastructures may include roads, utility lines, or pavements.

Whatever the case is, the added caution exercised is factored into your total service costs.

  • Pine Tree Size & Location

How large is your pine tree? Bulkier and heavier pine trees will attract more removal costs. The reasons are obvious. Cutting down these trees takes much longer and presents more risks than smaller pine trees.

In terms of its location, certain areas may be out of reach. For these, specialized equipment may be used for the job. An example of specialized equipment used for this kind of situation is a crane.

  • Additional Services

Value-added services are common with most tree removal services. Such companies may offer stump removal in addition to removing the pine trees. This service is valuable especially when you need an added space for other uses.

Average Cost Of Removing Pine Trees

Based on the factors mentioned above, pine tree removal costs vary according to the situation at hand.

However, there’s a national average of $433. Removing a pine tree will start from $750. There’s an average range of $400 to $900, a minimum cost of $200 as well as a maximum cost of about $1,500.

  • Fallen Pine Tree Removal Cost

There are situations where the need for tree removal comes unexpectedly. In such situations, a pine tree may topple over due to heavy storms or other causes. This even becomes more challenging when it blocks the way.

To have this tree removed won’t be as costly as felling one. Therefore, it should cost an average of $75 to $150 to have the tree removed. The variance results from the size of the pine tree.

Additional services like pine stump removal and pruning will attract more fees.

  • Dead Pine Tree Removal Cost

Pine trees die due to several factors. One of such may include extreme drought. During extreme drought conditions, the roots of pine trees are unable to take up water. This results in the browning or death of the tree.

Another explanation for pine tree death is the opposite of drought. Too much moisture compared with bad drainage conditions leads to root rot. This ends up affecting pine trees. The removal cost of dead pine trees will range from $75 to $400 depending on size and its state.

  • Pine Tree Transplanting Costs

This is a much different scenario compared to other pine tree removal procedures. Here, you want to remove the pine tree to have it transplanted to a new location. This involves much more than cutting up or sawing a tree.

Under this circumstance, tree removal services will charge you the usual pine tree removal costs while also adding transplanting costs of about $125. This price may vary from one service to the next.

  • Pine Tree Branch Removal Costs

In a bid to give your pine trees a dense or compact growth pattern, you might want to cut back on the branches. This can be termed pruning or removal in some cases. You should expect to pay around $75 to $125 in removal costs.

You could end up paying more for these branches to be hauled away.

It’s possible to also pay for additional charges such as permits and licenses, clearing charges, as well as travel expenses. However, these are only possibilities and won’t necessarily be charged. In situations where these charges apply, they’re added to the service cost.

As seen above, pine tree removal cost depends on the type of service needed. There are several types of removal that include the usual felling, as well as stump removal. Others include branch removal, transplanting dead pine tree removal, and more.

Pricing follows a definite pattern where multiple factors come into play. We’ve mentioned these factors to include safety concerns, a risk to private and public property as well as wood disposal after pine tree removal. Knowing these details enables you to make informed decisions.

Others are the size of the pine tree as well as its location and any other value-added services deemed useful or necessary by the tree removal company.