Wood Chips & Mulch: Common Types & Benefits

As a gardener, wood chips and mulch are specific things you’re likely to work with. Besides helping to enrich the soil with nutrients, mulch helps suppress weeds, retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and prevent soil erosion. Other benefits of using mulch materials include increasing biological activity in the soil and preventing nutrients from leaching out … Read more

Best Arborist Climbing Helmets for Tree-Cutting Projects

We’ll be looking at the pros and cons of each arborist helmet type, among other things. Arborists handle tree-related tasks ranging from pruning, checking for diseases, planting trees, and all sorts of tree-related care. Arborist Climbing Helmets Essential to these actions are the tools and equipment needed to enhance efficiency and safety. These essential tools … Read more

Tree Blights – Symptoms, Disease Groups & Control

In this article, we’ll be discussing tree blights and what to do after discovering these symptoms. Trees can be plagued with many diseases resulting in varying conditions ranging from mild to severe damage. Tree blights are diseases caused by bacteria or fungal infections. Common symptoms include spotting, severe leaf yellowing, browning, and dying of leaves. … Read more

How and Where to Buy a Serviceberry Tree

This article will discuss cost, serviceberry tree species, where to buy serviceberry trees, and additional tips for getting this plant. You might want to read to the end to grasp how to get the best of this multipurpose plant delivered to your home. Serviceberry Tree for Sale Are you seeking to improve your landscape by … Read more

Lawn Edgers vs. Weed Eater (String Trimmers)

Gardening tools are of different types, with each serving a specific function. These include pruning shears, gloves, garden forks, loppers, spades, hand trowel, hoe, rake, watering wand, garden hose, wheelbarrow, and watering can. For lawn care, machines like edgers or weed eaters are used. Of these many tools, we’re most interested in discussing edgers and … Read more