How Much Does Oak Tree Removal Cost?

Professional tree removal attracts a fee. In this article, we’ll be discussing the removal cost for oak trees. Are you interested in getting your oak tree(s) removed?

The information supplied here should be helpful.

Small And Large Oak Tree Removal Cost

Trees serve a lot of important functions such as the improvement of air quality, production of oxygen, and the provision of evaporative cooling.

While these are clearly beneficial, tree removal is quite common and performed for many reasons.

A tree may be removed for several reasons which include landscape renovations, leaning in a dangerous direction, a tree being too close to a house, for lumbering purposes, damage from a storm, an unhealthy tree, a dead tree, among several other possible reasons.

Oak Tree Removal is Performed at Different Levels

Depending on who you hire, oak tree trimming or removal might be offered at different levels. In other words, there are basic removal jobs as well as extensive removal services.

If neither of these two removal services suits your needs, you might settle for one at the mid-point. So, what are we talking about?

To have a better idea of oak tree removal costs, we’ll need to take a look at each type or extent of removal. The extent of removal will determine the cost involved.

  • Basic Oak Tree Removal

Professional tree removal services will offer the option of basic oak tree removal services. This mostly involves cutting down the tree without the need to haul it away.

Because only felling is required, the cost for such job is quite basic. In other words, you’re likely to pay less for this type of removal job.

  • Extending Beyond Basic Removal

If you need something more than basic oak tree removal, you’re going to be charged more. This type of removal doesn’t only stop at cutting down the tree.

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The tree is felled, and removed or hauled away from its position. This leaves only the stump behind. A more appropriate place is found for the tree.

  • Extensive Removal

Under the extensive type of oak tree removal, the process goes beyond having the tree cut down. The stump is also targeted for removal.

The goal is to have the entire tree (down to its stump) removed and hauled away.

These types of services will go by different names depending on who you hire. The point is that the extent of removal will determine the cost.

With this said, let’s consider the cost implications for oak tree removal.

Average Cost Of Oak Tree

How much does it cost to have a large oak tree removed?

With the different levels of oak tree removal discussed, what are the costs of removal like? Oak tree removal prices fall within a range. If you want basic removal services, expect a fee within the range of $286 to $343.

Persons seeking a more comprehensive removal that extends beyond basic services are likely to incur a fee between $430 and $550.

Extensive oak tree removal that includes the stump will cost anywhere from $750 to $850 or more. The cost of removal has a lot to do with the tree size and its thickness.

The removal prices mentioned above apply to oak trees measuring about 25 feet long.

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If you are looking at just pruning, here is the average oak tree trimming cost.

Getting the Best Deal On Oak Removal Prices

When it comes to hiring for oak tree removal, there are several tips to use to your advantage.

You want to get the best deal possible in terms of pricing while also benefitting from a well-executed job. It will be a good idea to get multiple estimates. Also, timing is vital.

An additional tip includes budgeting extra for the process.

  • Get Multiple Estimates

One of the ways to cut down on oak tree removal costs is by getting anywhere from 2 to 3 estimates from different tree removal services or contractors. Prices often differ from one company to the next.

This is due to differences in overhead as well as operational expenses.

With multiple estimates, you’re able to settle for the best deal, thus benefitting from a lower cost of removal. This is only one of several tips.

Another tip to get the best possible pricing includes timing.

  • Timing is Vital!

The time of year you call for oak tree removal is vital. There are peak as well as down periods or seasons. Consider getting prices between late fall to early winter.

The reason is simple; this is the down season for most oak tree removal contractors.

As such, they tend to offer significant discounts to clients. In a nutshell, you’re likely to pay less for oak tree removal during a down season.

  • Budgeting Extra for the Process

It’s important to make room for unexpected spikes in oak tree removal costs. This isn’t to say such spikes are a common occurrence.

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However, making preparations beforehand makes you better prepared to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Consider budgeting an additional 7 to 15% extra on estimated costs.

Factors Affecting Oak Tree Removal Costs

When it comes to oak tree removal, you’ll need to understand that certain factors come into play that determines to price.

These include the size & height of the tree, tree health, as well as its accessibility or location. For a clearer understanding of these concepts, let’s take a look at each.

  • Size & Height of Oak Tree

The size and height of your oak tree will determine how much you pay for its removal. The trunk’s diameter is also a cost-influencing factor.

With a large oak tree, prepare for more removal expenses.

  • Oak Tree Health

Healthy oak trees are stronger and tend to attract more in removal costs than diseased or rotting trees.

The reason is obvious; for healthier trees, these tend to be more difficult to remove compared to unhealthy ones. The harder it is to remove, the more the cost.

  • Accessibility or Location

Certain oak trees may be located close to utility lines or maybe too close to a structure.

This makes it increasingly challenging to remove the tree. Extra care must be taken to ensure safe removal. This added effort in ensuring the tree is properly removed makes it more costly.

Oaktree removal costs are influenced by the different factors mentioned above.

We’ve also provided information on the typical cost range. Your particular tree removal job will be priced according to existing conditions.

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