Mulberry Tree for Sale: Buy White, Black, Weeping & Persian Varieties

Where can I buy a mulberry tree? You may want to ask. Well, here is all you should know.

Mulberries are deciduous trees found in several continents of the world. They’re easy to grow and provide tasty fruits as well as shade for yards.

The mulberry tree easily falls among favorite trees gardeners love to grow and here, we discuss basic tips on how to go about buying and growing them.

To buy mulberry trees, you’ll need to know about the different varieties there are, as well as the cost.

Buyers will also need to figure out how and where to buy mulberry trees in addition the growing zones that support the growth of these trees.

In this article, you’ll find all such information.

Mulberry Trees for Sale Near Me

Although mulberry trees are highly adaptable, they grow best in loose and well-drained soils. They’re trees that grow in both temperate climates as well as tropical regions of the world.

The mulberry tree is known to be drought and frost resistant, hence a perfect tree for all kinds of extreme climatic conditions.

Fruits produced by the mulberry tree are around 1.5 inches long and have dark reddish-black appearance. Depending on which species you grow, height of this tree at maturity may differ.

The dwarf mulberry tree species for example grows to a maximum height of around 10 to 15 ft., and achieves a spread between 15 and 20 ft. wide.

Mulberry trees also double as ornamental shade trees that bear heart-shaped leaves. These leaves are accompanied by spikes of tiny white flowers known as catkins.

In terms of growth rate, the mulberry tree is considered as fast-growing.

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Before deciding to buy this tree, you should know that the root systems can be quite invasive. You’ll have plant this tree as far away from plumbing systems and sidewalks as possible.

Mulberry trees sprout leathery green leaves which fall in winter. You also need to know that not all species bear fruit.

With this brief introduction provided, let’s get into the main details of our discussion; the tips on shopping for mulberry trees. With this guide, you’re able to make better buying decisions.

Tips for Buying Mulberry Trees

There are several key decisions you’ll have to make when shopping for mulberry trees.

First off, you have to know about the different options available to you. In other words, buyers need to know the mulberry tree varieties available. Also, the cost of these trees is as important.

What more? You also need to know the growing zones in order to know whether your region or climatic condition will support the tree. Knowing where to buy your trees from is another key requirement for buyers.

Now, let’s proceed to discuss what each of these points mean.

  • Mulberry Tree Varieties

Mulberry trees are quite varied. As a buyer, you need to know what options are available and which will better suit your needs.

Examples of some popular varieties include the tears weeping fruiting mulberry tree, white mulberry tree, Persian mulberry tree, and the Pakistan mulberry tree varieties.

Other popular varieties include the black beauty mulberry tree, dwarf everbearing mulberry, sweet lavender mulberry, and the Shangri La mulberry tree varieties.

You may also be interested in the gelato red mulberry tree type, the mystic red mulberry, or the improved Bachuus Noir black mulberry.

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There are other types such as the superberry black mulberry trees, the Turkeyi mulberry tree, and the white white mulberry tree variants.

Figuring out which one to pick can be a lot of work. The easiest way out is to know what you need in terms of features, growing zones, size, and height at maturity etc.

Buyers need to do some little research on each of the species mentioned to have a basic idea on what to expect. Also, you can visit a nursery and discuss some details with experienced sellers.

Consulting with tree experts is another way to determine whether or not to pick particular mulberry tree variant.

  • Cost of Mulberry Trees

The cost considerations for buying mulberry trees are quite varied.

First off, it’s almost impossible to state exactly how much mulberry trees will cost at a nursery due to the number of factors that come into play. At best, you’ll have a cost range to work with.

The cost of mulberry trees starts from around $6 and could go as high as $100 or more. So, what are these factors that affect mulberry tree costs?

There are several, they include the tree size, the mulberry tree variety you want, and also the number of trees you need.

Mulberry tree costs can also be influenced by the pricing structures adopted by sellers. For a better idea of what these points translate to, let’s discuss each briefly.

Mulberry tree size is a primary consideration when shopping. Depending on where you’re buying from, tree sizes may range from small, medium and large.

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The smaller trees tend to be cheaper than medium and large ones. These options help satisfy the unique needs of buyers. What mulberry tree type do you need?

We’ve mentioned several of the most popular varieties above. More times than not, the type you choose will have an impact on cost.

How many mulberry trees do you need? When shopping online for these trees, you’ll notice a provision for the number of trees required. Bulk purchases tend to attract higher price discounts compared with fewer purchases.

There are also the pricing structures to consider. Every nursery you visit to buy your mulberry tree has its own pricing structure which is different from any other.

So, you might want to take advantage of these differences to compare costs between nurseries. This allows you to get a better deal.

  • Growing Zones

Mulberry tree growing zones differ by variety. While most will do well between growing zones 3 to 11, there are slight variations determined by species or type.

For example, the white mulberry, Turkeyi mulberry, superberry black mulberry, and Persian mulberry trees do we well in zones 6 to 11, 3 to 9, 3 to 9, and 4 to 11 respectively.

Where to Buy Mulberry Trees

Your options as a mulberry tree buyer are almost inexhaustible.

However, you’ll need to determine what nursery to patronize. The only way to know the most reputable ones requires reading through customer reviews.

There you have it! Your mulberry tree buying decisions don’t have to be complex anymore. With these tips provided, you should have a better shopping experience.

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