Here is how and where to buy Mimosa trees.

Also known as the silk tree, the mimosa tree originates from China and is well known for its fragrant pink flowers and fern-like feathery foliage.

On average, this tree reaches around 20 to 40 ft. at maturity and is grown for its ornamental value.

Buy Mimosa Tree

The mimosa tree is a fast-growing deciduous tree. Persons seeking to add this tropical tree to their yard will need all the help they can get with buying it.

This article seeks to help in that regard as the information serves as a guide with details on cost, varieties, and growing zones of mimosa trees, among other things.

Mimosa Trees For Sale

Before proceeding to the focus of our discussion, it’s necessary to provide an overview of the mimosa tree.

This deciduous tree typically grows in a vase-like shape. Despite their Asian origin, mimosa trees have mainly been naturalized across the United States as landscaping trees.

It thrives in many soil conditions, including alkaline and acidic soils.

This tree is sometimes referred to as a shrub,, especially at the early stages of development. Mimosa trees grow best when exposed to full sunlight. For this tree to grow well, a few hours is required.

While specific variants of the mimosa tree are tall, others are short.

The shorter types are often classified as shrubs. Whichever mimosa variant you wish to buy, one thing is sure; the elegance of the plant arising from its colorful flowers.

Without a doubt, mimosa trees have ornamental value.

Despite this truth, these trees are considered highly invasive. Their fast growth rate can cause them to become a problem for your yard, especially when routine care and pruning aren’t implemented.

This is something you’ll have to be knowledgeable of and prepare for. In other words, you shouldn’t be taken by surprise by the growth rate and invasiveness of the mimosa tree.

Let’s get to the main point which has to do with buying mimosa trees shall we?

Tips for Buying Mimosa Tree

It’s often assumed by persons without the needed experience that all you have to do is walk into any nursery and get your plants.

In a way, that’s the action you’ll have to take eventually. However, buying mimosa trees the right way involves much more than placing your orders for your tree.

For this procedure to be comprehensive enough, you’ll need to first make your findings on cost of mimosa trees, as well as the different varieties of this deciduous tree.

Also vital is the need to figure out the growing zones as well as how and where to buy these trees. Let’s provide detailed answers by looking at each point.

  • Mimosa Tree Varieties

To shop smarter for your mimosa trees, you’ll have to understand the different varieties available.

Some of the types include cultivars such as the alba mimosa trees, rubra mimosa, rosea mimosa, as well as the charlotte mimosa variants.

There are still others like the chocolate mimosa, umbrella mimosa, and the pendula mimosa tree varieties.

You may also be interested in the mimosa diplotricha, mimosa aculeaticarpa, mimosa nuttalli, mimosa microphylla, mimosa quadrivalvis, mimosa opthalmocentra, mimosa scabrella, and mimosa rubicaulis.

While some of these species are trees, others tend to be smaller, hence are categorized as shrubs. You’ll need to determine what works best for your situation.

Since we’re talking about mimosa trees, we’ll stick to that.

There’s no way to have detailed understanding of certain mimosa tree varieties without doing the work. You’ll have to research the different varieties to know which Best fits your yard or garden.

  • How Much Does a Mimosa Tree Cost?

Any serious buyer will want to know about the cost details of mimosa trees.

It’s almost impossible to mention a definite cost figure without further details such as variety, size, number of mimosa trees required and who you’re buying from.

All of these factors combine to determine the cost of a tree. To better explain this, each of the mimosa tree varieties mentioned above may influence the cost it’s sold for in a nursery.

Some of these varieties are considered as rare while others are common.

Also, if you’re looking for a mimosa tree to buy, then the shrub variants won’t be given much consideration. In terms of sizes, mimosa trees are sold in varying sizes.

This takes into account the different or unique needs of customers. So, customers get to indicate the tree size they want.

When buying a small tree, the cost is usually much less compared with larger mimosa trees. Here, you have to make a choice on what you need. This decision will determine the cost outcome.

How many mimosa trees will you be buying?

The more the purchase, the bigger the discounts you get.

Discounts usually go hand-in-hand with the volume of purchase. Buying fewer mimosa trees will result in much smaller discounts as opposed to buying in bulk where larger discount percentages are available.

Who are you buying your mimosa trees from? Usually before a purchase, a buyer has the opportunity to go through as many nurseries as possible all in a bid to find the better deal.

The better deal will include great products being offered at cheaper rates.

Here, you need to understand that every nursery you patronize or inquire from has its unique pricing structure. As a result, you’re bound to discover significant price differences between nurseries for the same mimosa tree species and size.

  • Growing Zones

Most mimosa tree variants will thrive in growing zones 6 to 10. However, it’s important not to take our word for it, but to pay close attention when shopping for your preferred variety.

You’ll be provided detailed information on what growing zones your mimosa trees are suitable for.

Where to Buy Mimosa Trees

Rather than walking into any nursery you find, you may want to make your findings of the reputation of a greenhouse.

It’s vital to broaden your horizons when seeking a suitable nursery from which to buy your mimosa trees. Customer reviews are there to guide you on what to expect.

Now you can proceed to make your purchase. Having understood all the tips above, you stand a better chance to shop more intelligent and better.

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