Here is where to buy Meyer lemons trees near you.

Lemon trees are great for growing around your home due to their numerous benefits. Such benefits include the enhancement of soil fertility and limited maintenance requirements.

You can determine whether or not your lemon tree receives sufficient water from the yellow or dried-out leaves.

With origins traced to Persia, these trees perform best in temperatures of between 55 to 70 degrees F. Below this temperature point (55 degrees F), lemon trees are likely to go dormant.

This isn’t something you want happening to your tree. Shallow temperatures will kill the tree.

Dwarf Indoor Meyer Lemon Tree for Sale Near Me

Before we further our discussion on buying lemon trees, it’s essential to consider certain basics about this tree.

First, there are several varieties of lemon trees you can grow as long as your environmental conditions are favorable.

Lemon trees are a variety of citrus trees that require full to partial sunlight exposure. Around 4 to 8 hours of sunlight each day would suffice.

Specific pest issues and diseases can negatively impact your lemon trees when not frequently maintained. One of those is the European brown rot.

Before buying lemon trees, you should know the need for consistent watering. This tree requires scheduled watering and low-nation fertilizers that are low in nitrogen.

You can also grow lemon trees indoors. These trees require moist, slightly acidic soils.

Lemon trees can be defined as being self-fruitful. In other words, there’s no need to have a pollination partner before fruit.

So, if your yard has limited space, it should present much of a problem as you can easily make do with a single lemon tree.

Tips for Lemon Tree Buyers

Are you considering the possibility of visiting a nursery anytime soon for your lemon tree? You might need some help.

Often, many buyers have made mistakes with the variety of lemon trees chosen. Also, there’s a need to know the cost range in advance before visiting the nursery.

This article provides you with all of that information and more.

Here, you’ll buy basicying tips that include the growing zones for your preferred lemon tree variant from pointing out where to get your trees.

These combined points give you the clarity needed to make a better purchase.

  • Lemon tree Varieties

We’ve mentioned earlier that lemon trees are pretty varied. While this is true, not all varieties are suitable for growing in similar conditions, as you’ll soon find out.

Popular varieties include Bearss lemons, Lisbon lemons, eureka lemons, Genoa lemons, bonnie brae lemons, and Santa Teresa lemon tree.

Other types that may be exciting include baboon lemons, Greek citron lemon, ponderosa, citron lemon, and Dorshapo lemons.

There are also avon lemons, bush lemons, Buddha’s hand lemons, Verna lemons, primofiori lemons, Meyer lemons, variegated pink lemons, and lamas lemons.

You may also pick from Bhambri, Interdonato lemons, Lumia lemons, Otaheite, yen ben lemons, Volkmer lemons, Villafranca lemons, Perrine lemons, Assam lemons, lemonade lemons, and lapithkiotiki lemon tree varieties.

There are several other lemon tree varieties we won’t be getting into, as those mentioned give you a general idea of your options.

Lemon Tree Costs

Lemon tree costs can be pretty varied. Asides average price of around $60 for a lemon tree, buyers should expect a cost range of about $30 to $130.

Here, it’s evident that the range is quite broad, and that is due to multiple factors such as lemon tree size and the type (species) you want.

Other cost factors to take into consideration include your volume of purchase, as well as where you’re buying from. So, how exactly does each of these points impact lemon tree costs? Let’s find out!

In the case of tree size, it’s common to find nurseries following a price structure that charges higher for more giant lemon trees and lower for smaller lemon trees.

The size here refers to the tree height from the soil level moving up to the tip of the plant.

Regarding the purchase volume, the number of lemon trees you need will determine how much discount you will attract on costs.

Many online nurseries make a provision where you fill in the exact number of trees you need. The number filled will determine what discounts you get.

Speaking of discounts, more significant purchases (involving more lemon trees) will attract substantial discounts. The opposite applies to fewer purchases.

With this knowledge, you might find bulk purchases a great way to pay less per tree. However, such only depends on your needs.

Where you buy your lemon trees from will also play a role in determining costs. The understanding here is that every nursery has its pricing structure with which its plants are priced.

This leads to differences in costs which you might want to take advantage of.

  • Hardiness Zones

Hardness zones cannot be ignored when buying lemon trees. You want to ensure that the trees bought to suit your particular environmental condition well.

When shopping for lemon trees, you’ll find that each variety has unique growing zone requirements. However, some types share similar growing zones.

Lemon tree species such as the Lisbon lemon, eureka lemon, variegated pink lemon, and Bearss lemon trees do well in growing zones 9 to 10, 8 to 10, 8 to 11, and 8 to 12.

Buddha’s hand lemons, Verna lemons, primofiori lemons, and Meyer lemon trees are well suited for growing zones 8 to 11, 9 to 12, 8 to 12, and 8 to 11, respectively.

Where to Buy Meyer Lemon Trees

Where can one buy lemon trees? This is an important question to figure out the answer to before going out to buy your trees.

The answer is quite apparent; the nursery, of course! However, it goes beyond that. Only reputable nurseries should be patronized.

One way to know what nursery is reliable and which isn’t is by finding out what the customers are saying.

Customers drop all sorts of reviews, and through such, buyers will be able to know where to take their business. Use this resource to your advantage.

Buying Meyer lemon trees isn’t difficult if you do it correctly. This article consists of several tips on how to do this correctly.

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