Lilac Bush For Sale – Cost And Where To Buy The Shrub Near Me

Lilac bushes are well known for their beauty and fantastic aroma.

These make for some of the great shrubs or bushes around the home. They come in different colorful varieties, which all help to enhance your home’s visual appeal.

If you’re seeking to get some lilacs for your home, you’ll find this article interesting.

We’ve focused on providing helpful tips for gardeners to get their lilac bushes. If you’re at a loss on what buying decisions to make, this article will provide the needed guidance.

Areas covered include the cost of lilac bushes, where to buy, and general tips on how to purchase your bushes.

Buying Lilac Bushes Online and In Nurseries

An introduction to this plant species is critical to fully understand what it’s about and how to go about getting the correct species. Its botanical name, syringe Vulgaris, also identifies this deciduous shrub.

Lilac bushes have a gray to gray-brown bark with mid-green leaves to light green.

One of the things that make this bush a great addition to gardens is the colorful flowers and the scent produced. Lilac bushes don’t require much maintenance.

Several lilac varieties range from the dwarf Korean lilac, the Chinese lilac, and Wedgewood blue lilac.

Other varieties include Persian lilac, common lilac, Hungarian lilac, and Himalayan lilac. You’ll need to know the differences between these species to have an idea about which best fits your surroundings.

  • Why Lilac Bushes are Great for Gardens

If you need some form of motivation to get some lilac for your garden, there are lots of such. First off, it’s necessary to understand that lilacs will grow for several decades.

There’s also the aesthetic appeal they add to your surroundings. The pleasing scent produced from blooming flowers is another.

Other reasons you need lilac bushes around include the ease of maintenance, the ability to create a hedge with these plants, their level of tolerance for a wide range of soil and climate types, and their ability to spread.

With this said, it’s time to get into the buying details of these shrubs.

Factors You’ll Need to Consider Before Buying Lilac Bushes

To make the right buying decisions, you’ll need to understand that multiple factors are at play when buying lilac bushes.

The cost is a primary consideration, and the lilac species is most suitable for your surroundings. There’s also the need to consider the zones most ideal for growing certain lilac varieties.

These considerations or factors will largely influence your decision on what variants to go for or which to combine. With this said, it’s essential to discuss each of these to provide you with an in-depth understanding of what buying will entail.

  • How Much Do Lilac Bushes Cost?

As a gardener interested in purchasing some lilac bushes, one of the primary considerations you’ll have is the cost implication.

We cannot give a definite price for lilac bushes because prices vary depending on the number of lilac bushes you need, the size, and the source you’re buying from.

Also, you’ll need to factor in the different lilac species available. So, what species or variety do you want to buy?

The most popular types include prince charming, ivory silk Japanese tree lilac, and the boomerang dark purple lilac. The average cost for the lovely prince variant is around $59.

For the ivory silk Japanese and boomerang variants, prices range from $30 to $60 and $49 to $79. The Josee lilac costs around $29 to $69, while the Miss Kim variant costs around $39 to $99.

Other popular varieties such as Tinkerbelle lilac, sensation lilac, and Thumbelina lilac cost around $59 to 99, $39 to $149, and $59 to $69.

The price variations are determined by the size of the bush or plant. The larger it is, the higher the cost is likely to be. Also, the number of lilac bushes you need will determine how much you pay.

Nurseries give discounts for large purchases.

You’re likely to get a significant discount when you buy these bushes in bulk. However, purchasing single units gives you little to no advantage in deals. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to decide what your needs are.

There’ll be no point buying lilac in bulk when you do not need for such.

  • Lilac Species to Choose from

Another critical decision you need to make when buying lilac is to have your preferred species.

There are lots of species you’ll need to choose from. Your choice of specific species will primarily be determined by the key features of these bushes and how they fit into and improve your landscape.

There are many of these species, and some of the most popular include the standard purple, Agincourt beauty, Charles Joly, and the beauty of Moscow.

Other varieties include be-right-back, Miss Canada, dwarf Korean, Ludwig Spaeth, ivory silk, Japanese tree lilac, and James Macfarlane.

You might also be interested in variants such ascent & sensibility pink, Miss Kim, scentara double blue, Rosie, saugeana, and royalty.

Other types like sensation, Yankee doodle, Sunday, and tiny dancer are among popular lilac species to choose from.

So, have you found your favorite species yet? This is something you’ll need to do before making your purchase decision.

  • Growing Zones

Understanding growing zones are essential because they enable you to determine which lilac bush species to buy. Here, it’s evident that randomly picking lilac species simply because it’s attractive won’t be enough.

You’ll need to determine if your zone supports its growth.

To give you an idea of how zones impact growth, let’s look at some lilac bush species with the zones considered most suitable. Variants like the Josee lilac, boomerang purple lilac, and charming prince lilac thrive best in zones 3 to 7.

The same applies to the sensation lilac, Tinkerbelle lilac, and Thumbelina lilac species, which are supported in zones 3 to 7. Ivory Silk Japanese tree lilac thrives best in zones 4 to 7, while Miss Kim lilac does best in zones 3 to 8.

It would help if you didn’t have any difficulties using the information provided here to buy your lilac bushes. They provided the needed guidance by looking at different aspects considered vital.

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