How and Where to Buy Nutmeg Trees

Nutmeg trees are evergreen perennials mostly known for their seeds which are widely used as spices.

Buying and growing this tree will require understanding what to expect, such as the cost

If you’re planning on getting a nutmeg tree, you might want to follow this article as we discuss the different aspects influencing purchase decisions.

The goal is to help you, the buyer, to make the right choice. Getting the best possible deal will require balancing cost and quality.

Other factors often come into play, such as the tree size and the number needed. In all, you can find the correct information to guide your purchase decisions.

Where Do Nutmeg Trees Grow?

This is one of the first questions you need to ask. It’s a way to find out if your location supports the growing of nutmeg trees.

Here, we’re talking about the climatic conditions, soil type, and drainage. First, it’s necessary to know that nutmeg trees are tropical plants.

This evergreen tree is native to the spice islands of Indonesia and the West Indies. This makes the tree unsuitable for most locations within the United States.

Nevertheless, specific locations (mainly tropical climates) can support nutmeg tree growth.

With this said, you might have difficulty finding nutmeg trees in your local nursery. However, such may be found in online nurseries.

All you have to do is place your order for your goods to be shipped to your location. Some nurseries may provide additional information about the ideal locations for growing nutmeg trees.

If you have any doubts about whether or not to try cultivating nutmeg trees on your property, you may do well to have a chat with a representative from the nursery.

They provide all the vital information required to help you achieve your goals.

  • Some Ideas of Where to Grow Nutmeg in the United States

To offer a more definite response to the question of where to grow nutmeg in the United States, USDA zones 10 to 11 will support the growth of this tree.

These are mostly sunny and hot locations. You’ll need to find specific information on how to proceed with growing this tree.

What do you want Nutmeg Trees for? It might be a Bad Idea!

Before buying nutmeg, you must find out what you need it for.

You may have to reconsider if you’re growing it mainly for spices. This is because nutmeg has been banned as a food additive by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The reason for such a ban is the presence of certain harmful compounds like elemicin and safrole. Elemicin is a known hallucinogen, while safrole is a weak carcinogen.

With these provided, you’ll have to determine whether buying and growing nutmeg trees is worth your effort and time.

Do you live in Florida?

Florida is known to have a tropical climate likely to support certain types of tropical trees.

While it’s possible to grow nutmeg trees in Florida, the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council considers it an invasive tree species.

The growing of nutmeg trees is prohibited in southern and central Florida.

You may need to find detailed information on why the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council considers nutmeg trees as invasive plants.

Additional Climatic Details on Nutmeg Trees

After reading through the information provided above, you’ll need details about the climatic conditions if you still want to grow nutmeg trees.

As stated earlier, nutmeg trees do best in tropical climates. Such climates must have humid conditions all year round in addition to a temperature of 77 to 95 degrees F.

Regarding moisture, your location must have at least 60 inches of rainfall annually. Further requirements include elevations of about 4,200 ft.

Not many places within the United States have tropical climates. This limits the locations where nutmeg trees can be grown.

This is the reason why nutmeg tree cultivation isn’t widespread.

Before you ever decide on buying your nutmeg tree for cultivation, you’ll have to consider the different factors.

Where to Buy Nutmeg Trees

You’ll need to approach the usual channels to buy your nutmeg trees. In other words, you’ll have to visit your nearest local nursery or garden center.

Also, you can shop for your trees at online nurseries. These trees aren’t readily available in most nurseries due to the abovementioned factors.

Online nurseries offer the best possibility of getting your nutmeg trees.

All you have to do is find a nursery with these trees and make your order. Due to added shipment costs, you’re likely to pay higher for online nutmeg tree purchases.

Although nutmeg cultivation isn’t banned in the United States, certain states, such as Florida, have regulations about the plant.

As such, before buying these, you’ll have to know how your purchase will likely be affected. Plus, some nurseries may warn you about restrictions for your state.

How Long it takes for Nutmeg to Grow

To buy nutmeg trees, one of the things you’ll need to know about is the time it takes for nutmeg to be fully mature and begin production.

It takes about 7 to 9 years for nutmeg trees to grow to maturity from planting. During this time, they begin to fruit or produce.

While this is true, total production is only about 20 years after tree planting. This might be a long waiting time, but it’s OK for some people.

Find out more about Nutmeg Trees for Sale.

It’s obvious here that there are several grey areas regarding nutmeg purchase and cultivation.

As such, you’ll do well to discuss with experts from reputable nurseries. By asking specific questions, you get to know if this plant is worth buying or not.

If you don’t live within a location with a tropical climate, then growing nutmegs won’t be a great idea. Here, we’ve seen the multiple considerations you’ll have to make when buying nutmeg.

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