How To Get A Tree Removed For Free

I will be giving you tips on how to get a tree removed for free.

Tree removal can cost quite a sum of money, depending on the size and location, and difficulty involved. There is no way to escape the cost in most cases, but there are some instances where your tree can be removed for free.

If you’re on a low or zero budget, then this article will be of great help to you.

How You Can Get Free Tree Removal

Listed out below are means by which you can have your trees removed for free. If you’re in a position to take advantage of any of these means, then you can have your tree removed for free.

  1. If you have prized tree species: There are so many types of trees in the world, some attract very little interest because they are common, while others can have onlookers gawking and wishing they were theirs.

Such species are prized tree species and can be considered a “collector’s item”. If you have such a tree in your yard and want to remove it, then some companies will be willing to take it off your yard for free.

The good thing is, if it is a well sought after species, the company will not only remove it for free, they will also pay you for it.

Such prized palm species removed for free include the Ravanela Madagascariensis Palm tree.

  1. Timber For Removal: Don’t get your hopes up just yet, most lumber companies will charge you for tree removal. Usually, lumber companies make a profit by selling the wood from your tree to furniture makers.

However, if by any chance you find one around your area that is interested in the timber from your tree, then they may remove it for free.

The thing is, you would need to have some top-of-the-range wood to strike this kind of deal.

There are many varieties of timber that can catch the interest of lumberjacks. These include the following –

  • Western red cedar
  • Dalbergia species of rosewood
  • Swietenia mahogany wood
  • Oakwood (Quercus variety)
  • Ashwood (Fraxinus)
  • Black cherry wood
  • Kingwood

Other wood types that could be of interest to lumberjacks include the Cocobolo, Bombay blackwood, Tulipwood, and the African blackwood.

If the trees planted in your yard produce any of the above-mentioned types of wood (or others that are in high demand), then a lumberjack can remove them for free. You may even get paid for them.

  1. Contact landscapers: There are a few landscapers out there that are very interested in collecting mature trees.

If the tree you plan to remove has reached a mature age, don’t cut it down just yet. Get in touch with any landscaper in your locality to see if they’d like to have it.

If you’ve done a good job of maintaining your tree over the years and it looks really good, then the landscaping company can have it removed for free and use it for other landscaping projects.

You have to go online and search for such companies around your area. But remember, your tree has to be in very good shape, no landscaping company will be interested in a raggedy looking tree.

  1. Remove the tree yourself: If you don’t own any prized trees, or the wood your tree produces is of little or no interest to lumberjacks, and you still wish you can have it removed for free, then be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.

This option will require you to expend your energy, but your money will be saved, especially if you already own tree felling tools.

Be careful though, tree removal is dangerous work so you might want to consider a few things first. These include –

Size of the tree: If the tree is as tall as 15 feet, then don’t be a cheapskate, forget about felling it yourself and call on the professionals to do it.

This is because a rookie such as yourself shouldn’t be handling a chainsaw from that sort of height.

Disposal: If you cut the tree down yourself then you would be responsible for disposing of it. If you have a wood chipper then you can make mulch out of your tree, if not, then you have to pay for it to be dumped at the local tip.

Hiring a chainsaw and other items: If you don’t own a chainsaw, then you have to hire one to cut your tree down. You will also need other items such as ground anchors, ropes, and protective gear.

Free Tree Removal For Seniors

Tree removal companies can grant free tree removal for seniors, but that will be very rare.

Tree removal companies are in business to make money, but they may also care about carving a good name for themselves in their community.

They may be compelled to give discounts to seniors for tree removal, others might take the extra step and do it for free, especially for retired seniors who have been of some kind of service to their country or community.

Nonetheless, as I said before, such companies are very, very rare.

On average, it will cost a tree removal service between $600 to $1000 to remove a tree. This money covers expenses such as labor, gas, insurance, equipment, etc.

With such figures to think about, you have to be a special senior to have the company remove your tree for free.

Can I Get A Grant For Tree Removal?

Yes, you definitely can, but that will depend on the city or state you live in.

Also, most tree removal grants cater to farmers, as it helps with the expense of maintaining a farm. Such grants do not cater to residential trees.

Can The City Or Council Remove A Tree For Free?

This may be possible, but it will depend on a few factors.

If the tree is situated on any piece of land owned by the city, then they will remove it for free.

Also, if the tree is on the city’s land and is leaning towards your fence or has branches hanging across your yard, the city will be responsible for paying for its removal.

The above-mentioned instances are applicable when the tree is on the city’s land. If the tree is in your yard, the city will not pay for its removal. You have to pay for that yourself.

Are There Free Tree Removal Services?

This might break your heart, but there are no free tree removal services, just as there are no free plumbing services or roofing services. Tree removal companies are in business to make money, and not for charity’s sake.

It is true they can offer discounts, but to remove a tree for free? Don’t bet on it.

Your best shot at enjoying free tree removal service is if your tree has a decent commercial value (timber for furniture or other wooden structures). If you own a prized tree then the company can also buy it from you and remove it for free.

Other than that, you will need to dip your hands into your pockets and pull out between $600 to $1000 to remove your tree. Sorry!

Realistically, there are only 3 ways you can have your tree removed for free.

You can sell the tree: There are exotic palm tree species that many landscaping companies would be interested in.

If they buy the tree from you, they will also be responsible for removing it. They wouldn’t mind doing this since they can resell the tree and make a profit.

A friend or family member does you a favor: If you have a close friend or family member who owns tree felling equipment and doesn’t mind the stress, then they can help you remove your tree free of charge.

Just be sure to serve them a cold glass of juice after all the hard work has been done.

Barter service for tree removal: While this may not be considered as “free” (since you’re giving service in return), you wouldn’t be spending any cash.

If you render a service of equal value that your local tree removal service may be interested in, then you can strike a straightforward deal with them – I provide you with XYZ service and you remove my tree.

Maybe you have a popular blog and you decide to give them an advert placement in exchange for tree removal. Something along that line.

If My Tree’s Branches Have Grown Into A Utility Cable, Will The Utility Company Remove It For Free?

It depends, having branches encroached in-between power lines is a dangerous situation and the utility company may remove it for free.

The case could also be that you will share the cost with them.


I hope this article on how to get a tree removed for free has been informative enough. Consider your peculiar situation and see what kinds of deals you can get.

Stay safe!

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  1. I am a senior citizen with very low income. I would like to remove a big tree beside my house. I believe the roots of this tree are affecting the paved pathway to my front door. How can I get this tree removed for free? I would appreciate any assistance I can get; thank you!

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