Cheapest Time Of The Year To Hire For Tree Removal

Pricing plays an important role in patronizing tree removal services.

The pricing structure for tree removal depends on what time it is, the volume of work involved and so much more.

However, our focus here is to discuss the cheapest time of year to patronize a tree removal service.

Identifying such times enables you to benefit from discounted or lower rates. So, what is the cheapest time of year for getting a tree removed?

Read on for more on this and other related information.

What Time Of Year Is Cheapest For Tree Removal?

To provide a simple response, it’s cheapest to have your trees removed between February and March.

These months are basically known as the dormant season.

In other words, these are the times of the year when winter and spring seasons wrap up & unfold respectively. Such times are rightly called dormant seasons because most tree removal services don’t get much patronage from clients.

To ensure they’re still in business tree removal companies will offer lower rates to attract patronage and keep their businesses going.

Does Cheapest Translate to Best?

A lot of times, people mistake cheap tree removal services for the best cost. This isn’t necessarily true.

The reality is quite different. When tree removal rates are noticeably low, it could be a sign of services that could turn out to be unsatisfactory in the end.

In other words, a fully equipped tree removal service has the equipment to maintain and wages to pay among other things. So, when prices become suspiciously low, it could be that an important aspect of its tree removal services is being left unattended.

You’ll need to be very careful as unbelievably low tree removal service rates could just be plain suspicious. You’ll need to investigate further to find out what makes such costs low before ever patronizing it.

Supply And Demand

This is the summation of what happens during the super-busy and the dormant months. There’s never a steady demand for tree removal services. It always rises and falls.

As such, these companies have to adjust to the times as they need people calling them for tree removal jobs.

A company will have to give some incentives to attract clients who’d normally prefer not to patronize their services during the dormant season. However, at peak or super-busy seasons, tree removal services will adjust to the high demand. Prices aren’t the lowest during this time.

If you’re seeking the best time of year for cheap tree removal, peak seasons won’t count. You’ll have to wait for off-peak or dormant seasons to get cheaper services.

Trees Could be Removed for Free!

Asides from specific times of the year where trees are cheapest to remove, there’s another option available; tree removal for free.  Is this possible? It is!  However, this isn’t necessarily tied to any specific time of year.

Also, it’s quite rare to have your trees removed at zero cost to you unless certain conditions are met.

  • Factors that May Qualify you for Free Tree Removal Service

Multiple factors determine whether you qualify for free tree removal or not.

These include offering wood in exchange for free removal services, calling a power company to assess and remove a tree, and discussing with logging companies.

To fully understand what these factors mean, we’ll need to provide further explanations.

  • Offering Wood in Exchange for Free Tree Removal

This is similar to a barter system where you’re seeking professionals to remove your trees and haul it away for their use. For this to be possible, you’ll need to place ads across public locations. Such ads will clearly state the terms. Also, your contact address needs to be added for easy reach.

In exchange for their efforts, some technicians will readily remove trees to get the wood. This deal is fair enough with both parties getting what they need.

  • Calling A Power Company

Are you confused? It will be justified if you are because power companies aren’t specialized in tree removal.

However, the point here is; certain trees eventually grow too close to a power line. This presents a risky scenario as it’s likely to result in accidents and damage to power utilities.

In such a situation, you won’t have to bear the cost. You only need to inform a power company about this situation.

Most times, these companies have agreements with tree removal services. They assess the situation and remove the trees at zero cost to you. It doesn’t matter if you own the tree or not.

  • Discussing with Logging Companies

Logging companies can be brought into the picture by informing them about your trees. Now, such trees will need to be considered valuable for this service to be offered free.

An additional factor requires that you have a good number of trees (about 20 to 30 or more).

Only then will logging companies consider removing your trees at no cost. However, when such trees are valuable, you may get a better deal than expected. You may end up getting paid for tree removal. This is the best deal you can get.

Here, you don’t need to look out for the cheapest time of year to patronize a tree removal service. As long as you have what logging companies need, you’re likely to get paid for removing your trees.

  • Are Your Trees Part of a Grant Program?

Cities, states, and federal grant programs exist where people are paid to have trees planted or removed. This environmentally beneficial activity is meant to add to the beauty of an area.

What more? It seeks to improve air quality among other things.

Therefore, you’ll need to check to find out if your trees belong to such programs. If they do, you won’t need to pay to have them removed when they become a nuisance. The city will have these removed without the need to personally foot the bill.

First, you’ll need to make inquiries at the appropriate quarters. Your local cooperative extension or local forest services offices are great places to start from.

We’ve seen that dormant seasons are times when tree removal services are cheapest. However, you need to be wary about cheap services as important aspects or details of contracts are left out.

There are other similar options to consider such as free tree removal.

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