This section is on facts about trees: diseases, buying and selling tips, dangers, trimming, and removal processes. Hazard and safety considerations have also been highlighted via this section.

How To Remove A Small Tree

Do you have a small tree around your property you want to remove? Removing a small tree can be more challenging than you think. This can be even more challenging for persons having no idea what to do. Our assumption is, you’re reading this article to learn how to perform this task. If so, we’re …

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How To Cut Down A Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are synonymous with the yuletide season celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. This occasion is celebrated the world over with symbols such as Christmas trees, light decorations, wreaths, and much more. However, we are only focusing on the Christmas tree and how to cut them. Procedures For Cutting Down Christmas Tree Cutting down …

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6 Stages Of A Tree Life Cycle

Trees play a crucial role in the maintenance of the environment. The life cycle of a tree is under focus here as we seek to discuss the various stages a tree grows through. Its starting and finishing points are at the seedling and its death respectively. The Life Cycle Of A Tree Trees can exist …

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7 Popular Pine Trees of Oregon

We’ll be discussing “pine trees of Oregon”, focusing on the commonly planted species. Some of the world’s tallest pines are found in Oregon with heights as much as 255 feet. These trees are mostly found in high elevations of the state. Pine trees offer a lot of benefits as they’re widely used for a variety …

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