Are you planning on visiting a nursery any time soon? You may wish to buy a Zelkova tree.

If you do, certain basic details about this tree are worth knowing to help you with your purchase decisions. Here, we’ve discussed different aspects of Zelkova trees, including where to buy, the costs, as well as other buying tips.

This tree species is a large shade tree whose characteristic has led to its increasing popularity, with more people planting it to replace the lost elms of America.

As you read on, you’ll find key details like the growth rate, hardiness, ideal planting location, as well as its cost, among other things.

Before you buy…

If you’re interested in buying a Zelkova tree, you’ll need some vital information about the tree species.

Also called Zelkova Serrata, this is a large tree known for its disease-resistant nature; plus, it’s adaptable to a wide range of conditions hence its popularity and wide acceptance.

It doesn’t take long after planting before this tree becomes mature. It blossoms into a large spreading tree with colorful leaves (mostly orange, red, and yellow), more common in fall as a fast-growing tree.

In terms of its size, the Zelkova tree measures between 50 to 75 ft. in width and 50 to 80 ft. in height at maturity.

  • The Cost of Zelkova Trees

As a buyer, one thing you’d be interested in knowing is the unit cost of Zelkova trees.

Although prices may vary, buying from a nursery is likely to cost you anywhere from $9.50 to $15.00 per unit. The cost you pay depends on where you buy it, the quantity, and the tree size.

As expected, the quantity of Zelkova trees purchased determines the final cost charged. Varying discount rates apply depending on the quantity purchased.

For example, you’re likely to attract a 10% discount for tree quantities ranging from 5 to 9. With more quantities, your discount rate climbs.

For instance, buying between 10 to 19 Zelkova trees may fetch you a discount rate of 15%, while 20 units and above may attract a 20% discount.

There may be slight variations in discount rates depending on where you visit. It’s important to make your findings of the best places to buy your trees.

  • Where to Grow

Another important information you’ll need to know is where to grow your Zelkova trees.

This includes the soil conditions, hardiness zone, as well as the type of disease it’s resistant to. Also, you need to know its growth rate and the sun conditions.

To provide these details, while Zelkova trees grow in different soil conditions ranging from alkaline to acidic and dry to moist, they’re largely drought-tolerant tree species.

This tree can be grown in hardiness zones 5 to 8 and is resistant to the Dutch Elm disease.

In terms of the sun needs of the Zelkova tree, you’ll do well to avoid growing it in shaded areas. This is because the tree grows well in full sun.

When it comes to the growth rate, young Zelkova trees are known to have a medium growth rate. Each year, expect height growth of about 13 to 24”.

You can grow Zelkova trees on the parkway and the street. They’re widely used as shade trees as well.

Why the Zelkova is a Great Tree to Have Around

Some of the features that make Zelkova trees a favorite of many homeowners are the level of tolerance to a variety of urban conditions. Apart from the fact that it’s drought-resistant, hence low maintenance, disease conditions aren’t as common with this tree.

What’s more, there isn’t a lot of debris created by this tree species. Thus, a great tree to have as you won’t have to worry about too much debris forming on your property.

Also, branches do not drop but remain upright when the tree matures. This creates adequate clearance below for cars and people.

More on Hardiness

The adaptability of Zelkova trees to varying climatic conditions makes them ideal for many growing needs.

As stated earlier, it easily thrives in warmer zone 5 conditions all the way through zone 8. This makes it easily fit as one tree species that can be grown in almost all regions across the U.S.

Where you Buy your Stock is Important

It’s necessary to be mindful of where you get your trees.

Here, we’re talking about only patronizing nurseries with a reputation for quality. Thankfully these aren’t in short supply, as you can find customer reviews about their quality of service.

It’s important to do all the background work by finding information about the nurseries before deciding which to patronize. There are many helpful online reviews about every nursery you wish to patronize.

Avoid those you can’t seem to find information about.

How to Order Zelkova Tree Online

You don’t have to actually visit the nursery to make a purchase, as you can place your orders online.

Once completed, your Zelkova tree is shipped to your location. Shipments mostly take around two business days, with updates provided by mail on the shipment’s progress.

Buyers also get to track their orders through the tracking information supplied by the nursery. However, it’s important to ensure that your state is included in the delivery locations before making a purchase.

Some nurseries may not include certain states in shipments due to several reasons.

Some of these reasons include restrictions by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) may apply. Your state may have its own restrictions on the plants to be let into the state.

You’ll need to find all such information before placing your order.

Information on Measurements

We’ve discussed the basic measurements of Zelkova trees above. When making an order, you may wish to know the finer details about how the measurement is done.

Here, trees are mostly measured from the top of the soil to the top of the tree. This leaves out the root system and container it’s held in.

With the information provided on Zelkova trees, you’re able to place your orders without difficulties. The above information will help a great deal.

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