How much does it cost to have an ash tree removal? Here is an estimated price.

Are you planning on having your ash tree removed? Whatever your reasons for wanting to have your ash tree(s) removed, you’ll need to figure out the cost angle. There are professional tree removal services that will gladly take your business.

Here, we’ll be discussing the costs of removing an ash tree.

This is meant to help you prepare and have an idea of the removal cost implications. That way, you’re able to adequately plan for it. Now enough of the talking; how much will it cost to have your ash tree removed?

Stick with us to find out shortly.

Average Cost Of Ash Tree Removal

The price range for ash tree removal starts from about $250 to $1,800.

Here, you’d notice that there’s a wide range between the minimum and maximum amount. This is due to several factors.  One of the most common has to do with the complexity of the situation.

Not all ash tree removal processes go on smoothly. Some removal situations pose significant challenges to removal companies. These will be factored into the overall costs.

Based on such factors, it’s necessary to note that ash tree removal costs can go even higher than the upper limit. You’ll need to call your preferred tree removal service for a full estimate.

Factors Affecting Ash Tree Removal Cost

Because all ash tree removal jobs are unique, not all situations will have a uniform cost.

In other words, one price doesn’t fit all. So, what exactly are these factors that affect the cost of ash tree removal?

They include risk to private and public property, tree size and location, safety concerns, additional services, as well as wood disposal after successful removal. Let’s discuss each of these points as follows;

  • Risks To Private & Public Property

Ash tree removal, as with other types of trees is a complicated process. Such removal may pose risks to both private and public property. Picture a situation where your tree is likely to cause damage to your neighbor’s property when felled. That isn’t pretty and will have to be well managed.

The extra caution taken to prevent your ash tree from causing damage to nearby property when felled will naturally jack-up your removal fees.

However, this won’t be necessary if there are no such properties around and the area surrounding the tree is free.

  • Tree Size

The size of your ash tree is considered when calculating the removal estimates.

In other words, the taller and bulkier your ash tree is, the more challenging it is to cut down. This will involve more labor to saw down. You should expect to pay higher for removing such trees.

The opposite applies for shorter, less bulky ash trees. These take up much less time to remove. Hence the lower fees attached.

  • Location

Some ash tree removal locations might be challenging or difficult to reach. Getting to these areas may include passing through difficult terrain among other things. This should normally impact on your removal fees.

You should expect to pay more than the usual amount for ash tree removal. Apart from having to gain access to the ash tree using such difficult terrain, specialized machinery such as a crane may be needed to remove it.

Mobilizing such equipment to the site significantly adds up to your ash tree removal cost. These types of scenarios should help you prepare and plan better.

  • Safety Concerns

Safety is the watchword when it comes to ash tree removal. Such safety involves that of everyone involved as well as occupants within the nearest buildings as well as passersby. The situation needs to be managed in a way that no one gets hurt in the process.

What more? Your ash tree could be close to a utility line which means extra measures need to be taken to prevent it from coming in contact with such lines. There are several scenarios involved when it comes to safety.

Some may involve the ash tree is located in a precarious location such as being between two structures. Another may involve the tree being in poor condition. Whatever the case is, your ash tree will need to be safely removed.

These added challenges make the removal process more difficult. Of course, the extra work needed reflects the removal costs provided in the estimates.

  • Additional Services

Asides from ash tree removal, most tree removal services offer several value-added services which may increase removal costs considerably. These services may include pruning and trimming, damaged tree assessment, dead wooding, land clearing, bracing and cabling, and maintenance services.

All of these are important and may apply to your ash tree removal situation. The assessment made will determine what additional services are offered in the process.

  • Wood Disposal After Successful Removal

With the ash tree removal complete, you’ll need to decide what action to take concerning the wood removed. This can either be used by you or removed by the tree removal company. You also have the choice of requesting that these trees be chopped down into logs.

Whatever your choice is, wood disposal fees may apply. When it does, it adds up to your total service cost.

Will DIY Strategies Reduce Cost Of Removing An Ash?

Diy ash tree removal strategies may seem to cut down on cost.

However, you’re likely to end up incurring greater damage as well as risking your safety and those of anyone close by. This ends up driving up costs astronomically.

We do not recommend the adoption of DIY strategies simply because it’s very risky, it isn’t cheap, you have not specialized tools for the job and most importantly, you might not be experienced.

All of these points count for something and point to the need to totally avoid removing your ash tree.

Get a Reputable Tree Removal Service

There are lots of tree removal services around. You shouldn’t have a problem locating one near you. However, extra caution needs to be exercised when choosing who to call for your ash tree removal job.

Online reviews should prove very helpful in choosing the right tree removal company.

We’ve seen that ash tree removal costs fall within a range. The reasons for this have been explained. With the information made available, you shouldn’t have difficulties figuring out what it takes to perform tree removal and other related services.

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